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Act 26.28 +

Act 26.28

Then Agrippa said unto Paul,

Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

“Repentance is turning from sin to God. It is…saying

‘There Lord Jesus, that is it & I will die before I commit it again’”

– Gipsy Smith

God is Creator! #2.  As sad as the replacement of old hymns is there’s a worse imitation in many supposed houses of worship. An alternate “bible” has been brought in. The time-tested, Classic King James Bible has been replaced by this modern translation (not worthy of that word) or that one. The deluded minister – lead astray by an equally deceived college prof – reads from a substitute “bible.” This makes parishioners think the modern “bible” is OK & they become mislead. Bad shepherd = sad sheep! – 9/6/22  

“Judgment awaits us

 judgment or revival…

– Oswald J Smith


Time was when there was no time.

All was an eternal “now.”

A time comes when time

(as we’ve known it)

Will disappear “somehow.”

– eab,  9/7/18


Time, with which we think ourselves familiar,

Will be gone; gone Just. Like. That.

And a new reality, perhaps no better understood

Will be where “time” once sat. 

– eab,  9/7/18 

HELL # 2. Pastor – you owe it to your congregation to warn them about hell. Every week? Probably (IMO) not. How often? I can’t answer that. But I know Someone who Can! God knows WHO in your group (even on the official board) is a hypocrite – they need to hear of its heat, lack of water, flood of memories & its in-escapableness. AND God knows the guy/gal “dropping into” your service (as they think) that’ll be at the morgue before the church bell rings across the village again. Mind God! – 9/6/22    

“…The confession

must be as public as the transgression.”

– Oswald J Smith

GEOGRAPHY IDEAS  Give a child a Specialized Geography. Teach about & have them memorize 25 largest ISLANDS: 1 Greenland 2 New Guinea 3 Borneo 4 Madagascar 5 Baffin Island 6 Sumatra 7 Honshu 8 Victoria Island 9 Great Britain 10 Ellesmere Island 11 Sulawesi 12 South Island 13 Java 14 North Island 15 Luzon 16 Newfoundland 17 Cuba 18 Iceland 19 Mindanao 20 Ireland 21 Hokkaido 22 Hispaniola 23 Sakhalin 24 Banks Island 25 Sri Lanka.  There’s  a  wealth  of  knowledge  here. – 9/6/22

Rev 1.1

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; & he sent & signified it by his angel unto his servant John:”

“Entertain” is found in the Bible once; “entertained” is there once – both in the same v., Heb 13.2. [As an aside, strictly “aside” the next word (Strong’s) following them is “entice” – think about that a moment.] By huge contrast the word “Worship” is found in 102 vv, “Worshipped” in 69 vv, “Worshipper” in 2 vv, “Worshippers” in 6 vv, “Worshippeth” in 6 vv, & “Worshipping” in 5 vv. Friend, I strongly urge you to join the saints of old & to leave the modern crowd which demands to be *entertained. – 9/7/22

“You cannot take it with you

but we can send it ahead.”

– Oswald J Smith

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