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Job 1.1 +

Job 1.1

“There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; &

 that man was perfect & upright & one that feared God & eschewed evil.”

“Never make a Christ out of your faith, nor think of it as if it were independent of your salvation

…the power is not in the faith but in the God upon whom faith relies.”

– Charles Spurgeon

“W” Words. #1  Do you like “W” words: Who, What, Where, When, Why? I do. How many of these “Ws” were recently heard at your table? WHO is playing? WHAT are they playing? WHERE are they playing? WHEN are they playing? All this about a game. Games are important to some families – uh, make that super important!!! In fact, some family schedules center on when & where a certain sport is done. Stop. THINK. How Biblical is modern “worship” of sports? “Lord, open parent’s eyes.” – Sep. 2020

“The only protection against compromise

 is a continual growth in grace.

– Unknown (fr. Allegheny W.M. 11/2017)


Truth has always appealed to the wise

While fools have been content with lies.

– eab, 9/9/15         


Some of the most varied creatures

Are those fellows we call preachers

They’re medium, up/down in size

Some are smart, others not so wise

Some younger, other men are old

Many are quiet, others are bold

Some have experiences they “must” share

Others are not inclined to “go there.”

All of them, if they’re worth their salt

Should preach against sin “to a fault”

Pray?  Yes, pray as much as they preach

And live daily just what they teach!

– eab,  9/9/17

ROYALS. #1. So – you’d like to have been born into a royal family? I might say “Sorry” if I were really sorry (I’m not), you’re too late. Many of earth’s royals are lost souls: “Worshipped” (some more, some less) by the common folks over whom they reign but never Saved & therefore never worshipping the King of Heaven. Don’t envy rich people (politically strong or monetarily strong). When you are a saint & content with your “lot in life” you are better off than many (most?) royals. Be God’s now & ever! – 9/9/22

“Custom is called a second nature

but we often mistake it for nature itself.”

– Isaac Watts

If anyone’s death makes you happy (admitted or hidden in your soul) I urge you to find a praying place TODAY! Don’t leave until God has removed such evil from you. You can disagree with someone politically without hating them. You may oppose their theological quirk & not hate them. They may have hurt you financially without you being angry in your soul. To rejoice at the demise of anyone is to be as bad (or worse) than they were. Christ died for you. Seek His forgiveness, Friend. Seek Him. – 9/9/22

Psa 136.1

“Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the name of the LORD;

praise him, O ye servants of the LORD.”

GEOGRAPHY IDEAS # 2. Home sch. Specialized. 25 Largest countries by population (numbers are dated)

1. China -1403.5 m.(million),2. India1324.2 m., 3. USA -322.2 m., 4. Indonesia -261.1 m., 5. Brazil207.7 m., 6. Pakistan -193.2 m., 7. Nigeria186. m., 8. Bangladesh -163. m., 9. Russian Federation -144. m., 10. Japan -127.7 m., 11. Mexico -127.5 m., 12. Philippines -103.3 m., 13. Ethiopia -102.4 m., 14. Egypt -95.7 m., 15. Vietnam94.6 m.,16. Germany -81.9 m., 17. Iran (Islamic Rep.of) –80.3 m., 18. Turkey -79.5 m., 19. Democratic Rep.of Congo -78.7 m., 20. Thailand68.9 m., 21. United Kingdom -65.8 m.,

22. France64.7 m., 23. Italy59.4 m., 24. South Africa56. m., 25. United Rep. of Tanzania55.6 m.

“…How far is love even with many wrong opinions

to be preferred before truth without love!”

– John Wesley

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