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Job 1.21 +

Job 1.21

“…Naked came I out of my mother’s womb & naked shall I return thither:

the LORD gave & the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”

“…My judgment is…to overdo is to undo & that to set perfection too high

is the most effectual way of driving it out of the world.”

– John Wesley

Young preacher – be wary. satan is not only at the casino – he may tempt you via a less-than-holy “church.” They invite you speak & seemingly enjoy your “message.” But satan is after your soul. He wants you to compromise; to give in a little on ‘X’ be more “broad-minded” on ‘Y’ stop preaching against ‘Z.’ Unless the Holy Spirit *clearly* leads you to speak at So-n-So church/school do NOT go. They may not be helped BUT you may be moved further toward hell than you NOW realize. Watch! – 8/29/22

“Itinerancy…gave a pilgrim, a militant character to its preachers…

it would not allow them to entangle themselves with local trammels.”

– Able Stevens

ROYALS. #2.  If you really want to be a part of Royal family there’s still time – but hurry. You can be born AGAIN, you can be RE-BORN, into God’s Royal Family. He is far, Far, FAR above any royals on earth. He invites you – yes, I mean YOU – to become His son/daughter with all the privileges of the saints of old. Be Saved. Be Sanctified. Be daily walking in the Light. This may involve asking an apology (even from wife/husband J). “Every sanctified experience has a reverse gear…” – Earl Newton – 9/9/22


Do you wonder why people wander?

It’s because they have no clear goal.

They’ve lost the sense of eternal weight

About their never dying soul.

– eab,      9/10/19  

ROUGH ROAD = R.R. # 1. If you’re right with God – stay true. If you’re not right – Come back TODAY. Staying true may involve honestly assessing your weak spot & staying away from that area. Period. Coming back (& staying true to God) will TAKE manhood – a lot of it – maybe *all you can muster. Hell is gaping at your feet. Please return from your backslidings & never, NEVER do that sin again. “I can’t help but do it.” Jesus can/will help you IF/when He sees you’re going to mind Him or  die ! ! ! – 9/9/22

Job 27.8

“For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained

when God taketh away his soul?”

“Men wholly unawakened will not take the pains to read the Bible…

But a small track may engage their attention for half an hour…prepare for them to go forward.”

– Able Stevens

I fail to find “compromiser” in the Word. It seems more gentle to say someone’s a compromiser rather than say hypocrite. (We shouldn’t [IMO] throw either word around.) Yet Jesus, who was never mistaken, used the word hypocrite (or hypocrites) on numerous occasions. That means they were there. Friend, they ARE here today! Please OPEN your eyes. I don’t want the compromiser/hypocrite going to hell. I don’t want you to be damned – fooled by the increasing falseness in our midst. OPEN your eyes! – 9/10/22

“To divest it of any apparent clerical pretensions it was voted that none of the preachers should wear gowns, cassocks, bands or surplices & that the title ‘Reverend’ should not be used by them.”

– Able Stevens

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