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Job 6.25 +

Job 6.25

“How forcible are right words!

but what doth your arguing reprove?”

“The Bible offers a solution for

everything psychology claims to offer.”

– Dave Hunt

A favorite word of those pushing for the one world church is “unity.” They want evangelicals to lock arms. They want “protestants” to join catholics. They want jews & moslems to also be “one.” In fact, any group or cult you name, they want in their world church. There IS a unity (Psa 133.1) but it is with Brethren! My brothers, flee all man-made unions. Have nothing, repeat Nothing to do with a contrived “unity.” Light can’t fellowship with darkness. Not on earth’s shores. Not on Heaven’s shore. – 9/6/22    

“God never made a promise

that was too good to be true.

– D L Moody


God has made a gracious provision,

To help man with every decision,

And that, with God-like precision.

But man in his typical self-will,

Demands HIS own choices to fulfill,

And so constantly goes down hill.

– eab,  September 2010

“W” Words. #2 The paragraph above didn’t discuss WHY. Why is the sport played? “Oh Bryan, all know that ‘sports build character.’” The OT (Old Testament) didn’t “know” that. The NT didn’t “know” that. “Game” is not found in the Bible. (Nor “games.”). “Competition” is not in the Book. (Nor “contest.”) So, if the Bible isn’t the background for sports what WOULD be? Heathendom! Do we really want sons (heaven forbid, daughters) mimicking the heathen? Not me! – 9/7/22

“When Augustus learnt that Herod’s own son was amongst the infants under two years of age

whom he had caused to be slain he said that it was better to be Herod’s pig than his son.”

– Blaise Pascal

Does the Lord meet you in your Private Prayer/Bible study time? If He doesn’t (or seldom does) allow me to encourage you to:  1.) Enter the closet with less on your mind.  2.) Shut the door – Christ was serious with His “…When thou hast shut thy door…”(Mat 6.6).  3.) KEEP the door closed – the devil will remind you of “x” “y” “z”  4.) Ask the Lord to help you pray – it’s OK to ask Him for help in everything that’s right. 5.) Returning sooner the next time may make it more real. – 9/10/22

Mat 6.6

“…When thou prayest, enter into thy closet & when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy

Father which is in secret & thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Have you ever considered what a “great movement” Jesus could have had if He would’ve *cooperated* with the Pharisees? Or Sadducees? [Sarcasm.] He did not. He called them hypocrites. Question: why did the Lord call them “hypocrites”? Answer: because they WERE “hypocrites.” I wouldn’t encourage you to start placing this label on Bro X or Sis Y. But I strongly encourage you to watch with whom you’re requested to cooperate. “All that glitters is not gold” is as true now as the day you first heard it. – 9/11/22

“You can go to a seminary & learn how to preach sermons

but you will have to go to God to get messages.”

– Oswald J Smith

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