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Job 14.1 +

Job 14.1

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days

& full of trouble.”

“Perennial revival is only possible where

there is continuous brokenness of heart.”

– Oswald J Smith

R.R. AHEAD. *All the rest of these RR are very much less than #1 – Please do it FIRST! RR #2 Erect a clothes line. Buy 2 pulleys (“throat” wide enough to hold ¼” rope) & buy parachute line. Hang one pulley on house. Hang other pulley as far away as you have enough rope to double. Rope goes over both pulleys so you stand, pin up towel, move line, pin up next towel. When dry, reverse, take down towel, move line, remove next. Place line east-west so the sun fully hits it. Stand with back to sun as you pin up cloths. Make one pulley so you can take down without screws or bolts. – 9/9/22

“…We are rewarded for ‘the deeds done in the body.’

In other words we are rewarded only for what we do while we are still alive.

– Oswald J Smith


The peak was pink in the morning glow

Combination of far, hot sun, cold, close snow.

At noon it was clearly unmatched white

Brilliant in glory of meridian bright.

T’was a purple peak in the evening shades

When sun “surrenders” to night and slowly fades.

It “disappears” or is black at night

Disappears?  No, it’s still there in its grand height,

All colorful views of which I speak

Are of the same majestic, singular peak

The difference is

               The difference in


– eab,   9/7/09

LIES #2. Every lie has a motive. Someone finds it to their advantage (they think) to prevaricate. So – – – why do you lie TO YOUR SELF? Is simply saying “I’m ready to die” easier (you think) than asking God to forgive you of all your sins? Is lying to yourself easier than stopping your favorite sin? Than breaking off that illicit relationship? Than apologizing to the family member/friend you told-off in anger? Now is your only time to get honest with God – after death’s door it’ll be to late. – 9/12/22   

“The Refiner is never far from the mouth of the furnace

when His gold is in the fire.”

– Charles Spurgeon

HALLOWEEN? # 2 What could You/Should You celebrate October 31st? 10/31/1517 is the date Martin Luther nailed the 95Theses to the Wittenberg Church Door. That was a great day. Luther was not the 1st man of the Reformation (nor the last) but his influence was profound. Thank God for this German monk turned Christian. Remember his action. Remember Luther. The wide spreading of horrible halloween may well be partly to detract from Luther’s earth-shaking & needed action. – 9/12/22   

1Ti 4.13

“Till I come, give attendance to reading,

to exhortation, to doctrine.”

HOME SCH. One of the reasons parents may hesitate to home school are the clouds of complicated math & science ahead. Relax. The primary thing is to teach a child to read. This statement applies to both soul – reading the Bible – & to the everyday world which surrounds him. Erin McCarthy (in a 2016 online article “11 Ways School Was Different in the 1800s”) lists Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, History, Grammar… Geography. A child taught to read well, is well set to learn all he needs to learn. – 9/13/22   

“I mean that every man in my kingdom

shall have the right to be saved in his own way.”

– Frederick The Great

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