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Job 14.2 +

Job 14.2

“He cometh forth like a flower & is cut down:

he fleeth also as a shadow & continueth not.”

“Carnal Christians are always more fascinated

by the showy than by the holy.”

– Richard S Taylor

HOME SCH. Math. Addition is very important to learn. Teach math on paper. Also teach child to add in his head. Practice it with them: single digits, double digits even triple if you like. Subtraction is the needful reverse. Have them practice it on paper. And, again teach them to do subtraction in their heads. These two “simple maths” are FOUNDATIONAL. There’s a sense in which they are the most important “problems” they will face. Do not rush them. Practice & practice adding & subtracting. – 9/11/22

“ ‘Purity of heart’ said the Puritans ‘is to have

all the wheels of the soul turning the same direction.’”

– Richard S Taylor

HALLOWEEN? # 3 Of course one of the things that’s driven halloween is the “almighty dollar.” Merchants can sell plastic (other materials that will not rain-ruin) skeletons; Don’t buy any, halloween candy; don’t buy any. Many people – even those who call themselves a “adults” buy costumes for this season – what a huge waste of money. By contrast Thanksgiving which makes not as much money for the store man, doesn’t get push yet is a great day To Remember & To Honor the Lord. – 9/12/22

Balaam’S burro           

Balaam had a burro that talked.

After, on him, it thrice balked.

Balaam is angry, he’s un-alarmed

But his burro kept him unharmed

Yet on toward Balak, he still walked.

– eab,  9/14/11


He was a companion to Paul.

Once “up,” he had a bad fall.

satan o’er him his flag unfurled

Because he “loved this present world.”

Watch, friend, the world still has its *wild call.

– eab,  9/14/11

The Lord directed my completion of an MA in Biblical Literature,1990. At that time & place (Wesleyan Biblical Seminary) our “Manual for Writers” (Kate Turabin) said the ONLY BIBLE you could quote without telling readers your translation, was the KJV. Other quotations were to shown as ASV, ESV, NIV, etc. You preachers who are using lesser translations ought to do your audience the favor of saying “I’m reading from the _ _ _.” It’s only fair to them. (Also show translation appearing on overhead.) – 9/13/22     

Psa 119.89

“For ever, O LORD,

thy word is settled in heaven.”

“It takes a man with knowledge

to defy God.”

– Ken Thompson

Are you – YOU – ready to die? “Don’t be morbid, Bryan. I’m going to live a long time.” I hope you do. The question is relevant however, if you live to be a 100 – those live the Happiest who are ready to die. “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage”(Heb 2.15). An awareness of sin or disobedience in your life takes away from the Joy you could Enjoy today & tomorrow.

– 9/14/22

“Are we adjusting to the Bible or to the darkness?”

– Ken Thompson

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