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Job 23.10 +

Job 23.10

“But he knoweth the way that I take: [when]

he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

“Why speak to God in an unknown tongue?

God understands all languages…”

– A L Vess

WOMAN PREACHER. #4 “Bryan, God has called my granddaughter (niece? grandniece?) to preach she thinks – – – what do I do?” I don’t envy your position. Be kind. Be honest. If she talks to you about this, pray for wisdom & be ready to show her Bible on this subject. (I wouldn’t encourage you to approach this subject first, unless Christ distinctly leads you to.) She may go ahead (not accepting your warning). I’d advise you to not go hear her preach, no, not one time. Leave her in God’s hands. – 9/16/22  

“God has nothing to cover up but in every case has used languages

to enlighten & liberate the world of mankind.”

– A L Vess

HEAVEN #2. If someday, some month, some yr. soon, you & I (by God’s glorious grace) enter the Gate of Heaven, we’ll be there by Holy Invitation. The Father’s House (Joh 14.2) is the ultimate goal of every saint. As we struggle through the gloomy moors & muddy low-lands of this dark world, we correctly aspire to reach that High & Holy House (heaven) of God. It will be a Huge relief to be safely in our Father’s eternal abode. It’ll be absolutely wonderful to be the “Guest of God.” Praise the Lord. – 9/17/22


God gave you an hour, a day, a year;

Yield them gladly back to Him, without fear.

Only He knows how to make them show

Make them reveal holiness & truth.

God’s full presence is His proof

He loves you more than you know!

– eab,  August 2022


A home needs walls – make that four.

You’ll want a roof, ceiling, & yes, a floor.

A nice setting is always nice

Husband & wife owners – mates, twice

But home without love is a sad chore.

– eab,  August 2022

HOME SCHOOL – ASIA #2. It has 51 countries counting the various island-countries which are Asiatic. It’d be good for home schoolers to know the westernmost [1] & easternmost (not counting Russia) [2] countries. They should know the northernmost [3] & southernmost [4] lands. The center of Asia is said to be in China. A good way to acquaint students with Asian geography is via a blank map or a puzzle. How quickly can your “whiz kid” place on the country names into their correct spaces? – 9/19/22

Rev 3.4

“Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments;

& they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.”

“If you’re a good listener,

He’s a good Leader.”

– Ken Thompson

If your soul has been redeemed from sin you’re started. If you’ve been purified from Adam’s nature you’ve taken the next, crucial step. Now what? What are you TO DO between today & your death day? ‘Anything you please’ – as long as it’s not sin? Glancing at some “christians” you might get that false impression. The fulfilling married life BEGINS on a date (salvation is similar to being Engaged, sanctification similar to the Wedding) but continues for yrs. PLEASE seek AND then DO the work God has for you. – 9/20/22 

W B Godbey…“I have been in contact with the Tongues Movement from its beginning…I have endeavored by His help to give it a fair investigation. It is the same power…[as] the magicians, sorcerers, witches, Mormons & especially…Spiritualists…”  

quoted by A L Vess

[1] Turkeyi

[2] Japan

[3] Russia

[4] Indonesia

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