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Psa 1.3 +

Psa 1.3

“…He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth

his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither & whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

“Faith is the root of all blessings. Believe & you shall be saved; believe &

you must needs be satisfied; believe & you cannot but be comforted & happy.”

– Jeremy Taylor (1613 – 1667)

TRIPS #5- of 7. Many yrs passed. I was pastoring in SD when arrangements were made for me to teach a short term class in Kiev. The Lord helped me to prepare lecture materials. Proper paper work was finished. A much bigger plane lifted off the runway in Rapid City. I enjoyed teaching (first time in Europe), enjoyed preaching in the evening (8 days), & enjoyed meeting/sharing meals with dedicated brothers & sisters laboring at the college. I came home. NOTE that. My trip was a round trip. – 9/26/22

“He that is choice of his time will be choice of his company

& choice of his actions.”

– Jeremy Taylor (1613 – 1667)


For a brief moment only,

A butterfly landed,

Before it expanded,

Its wings and moved on.

But that moment revealed

Such orange and black splendor,

Such structure such form,

As only a Creator could render,

That one wonders why, with butterflies around,

Atheist, agnostics, or their kind can be found.

And another thought persists on presentation,

Such beauty, though of such brief revelation,

Was still beauty. 

Beauty, howe’er brief it may be,

Is still beautiful to see!

Friend, your life and mine,

Though complexed and completed by activities of time,

Is just as short by eternity’s standard,

As the moment an insect spent before it bounded.

Make it beautiful, friend, make it remembered by,

The color and structure, and years from now

When you’ve bounded away,

Its beauty will be able to stay.

 – eab,  September 1975

TRIPS #6- of 7. The Lord’s allowed me (used to love to travel) to drive 49 US states, some Mexico states & 9 provinces of Canada (my 2nd favorite land). He’s permitted me to visit (many times preaching/teaching 7 lands (in addition) in N. America, 5 counties of Europe, 3 countries in Asia, & 1 S. American land (twice). In said places I traveled by plane, train, boat, bus, auto, & briefly, horseback. [BTW, my Earth “travel-bug’s” lost some of his “legs.”] I came home. NOTE. Trips were round-trips. – 9/26/22

“The best theology is rather a divine life

than a divine knowledge.”

– Jeremy Taylor (1613 – 1667)

TRIPS #7- of 7. One major Trip awaits me – Praise the Lord. By the grace of God I anticipate that Final Flight. The date of my “Trip of a Life-Time” is unknown (to me – I trust God fully with the details). Jesus has Saved my soul – praise His Name. The Holy Ghost has Purified my soul – these are somewhat equivalent to “paper-work.” What the “vehicle” will be I know not but imagine IT much better than any plane or train I ever boarded. AND I won’t be coming back – *This. *Is. *NO. *Round *Trip. – 9/26/22  

Gen 1.1

“In the beginning God

created the heaven & the earth.”

If you Believe in the theory of evolution – yes, even the one sounding religious called “theistic evolution,” you’ll Believe other lies. Evilution has never been proved – – – nor can it be. This spelling is a purpose – this sickly, unsubstantiated theory IS evil. The Bible says “…God created…”(the 4th & 5th words in Holy Writ). The devil’s evilution says He did not. Learn this lesson AND LEARN IT WELL – never call the source of all Truth “a liar!” Hell gaps at the feet of such souls. – 9/27/22

“Men are apt to prefer a prosperous error

before an afflicted truth.”

– Jeremy Taylor (1613 – 1667)

[1] Written after seeing a monarch at the first curve of graven road leading to the water tower behind campus Friendsville, TN.

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