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Psa 1.4 +

Psa 1.4

The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff

which the wind driveth away.”


comes from the Root.”

– Jeremy Fuller

IMAGE 2. Some homes yrs ago were smart enough to not bring in a TV. I was blessed be raised in such. Others homes saw TV as a problem, limited their house to one(1) & limited its usage – heard of a family which had a TV in garage “If its important enough for us to watch we’ll go out there.” Along came PCs & smart phones & now smart phone users HAS ACCESS to nearly all (as I understand) hollywood /disney produces. Images, unless you Think & Willfully resist will cover your mind. Stop. – 9/25/22

If we are so unfortunate as to not go to the mission field

we better have a representative there.

– E G Garrett

Hunting #1.  Hunting is not only not wrong – – – It. Is. Right. It is a fine activity which connects people to God’s creation. Folks have hunted for millennia. God made man lord (small l.) of earth “…Thou hast put all [things] under his feet”(Psa 8.6). Never allow some weaker mind to turn you from natural consumption of wholesome game meat. Reminder. We live after Peter’s (Act 10) *inclusive* vision. Some things I’d prefer not to eat, but if need be, less desirable meats can be eaten. Enjoy your hunting! – 9/27/22


“Saint?  Bah! I never see one.”

“Saint?  Ha. I could never be one.”

No one can be one, by himself,

But God has grace ‘nough “on His shelf”

To make you a Great, not just a wee one.

– eab,  10/4/17 

HE’S DEAD (- or – is – he?)

He rode with Grant OR he rode with Lee.

That matters (too much? L) with you & me.

It hasn’t mattered to him in many years;

For when he rode into the setting sun

A far Greater Battle he’d lost, or he’d won.

Hopefully, he’s where there are no tears!

– eab,  10/4/17

TWO DIRECTIONS 2. ((Please re-read #1)) One of the worse things you can possibly do (IMO) is change. Your relative may seem “happy” that they now can follow this *sport, or enjoy that *movie but, hear it BUT, they may not be as happy as they appear. (May not be as happy as they want you to think.) Pray for them. e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y! Be steady in your beliefs [if they’re Biblical]. Be a lighthouse. Lighthouse keeper’s life are lonely lives. But, praise the Lord, they help save lives. You can too. Be solid. – 9/29/22

Psa 37.28

“For the LORD loveth judgment & forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever:

but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

If I’m wrong,

I like to be told right.

– J Belvin Green

So – you’ve moved on to a different “bible”? You obviously do not need to answer me (nor place a “confession” on fb) but I urge you – for the sake of your soul – make yourself give an honest answer To. Yourself. WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE KJV? You should be deathly honest about this [we all will die]. God allowed His Word to be translated by 47 scholars (I doubt any of us know 3-4 men as scholarly as the “average” of these men). You rejected It. Be Honest. WHY? Do you really know why? – 10/3/22

God honors faith because faith honors God.”   – Larry Grile

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