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Psa 11.3

Psa 11.3

“If the foundations be destroyed,

what can the righteous do?”

“They that are carnal cannot do those things which are spiritual,

nor they that are spiritual the things which are carnal.”

– Ignatius

We should exercise patience with our Christian brothers & sisters. 1.) Some do not have our “light” but are walking in what light they have – pray for them. 2.) Others may know more about the narrow way than we do – their “insights” (with which we may struggle) could actually be right & we are the ones who’ve not seen a deeper light yet – pray for them.  August 2022

“No man making a profession of faith


– Ignatius


God gave us eyes to enjoy the scenery

of mountain, valley or beach.

He made us ears to different sounds hear,

And to relish each.

Our sense of touch can yield pleasure

Or early warn of pain

And a sense of smell some bad;

But they’re good in the main.

The five senses end with taste & oh,

What pleasure it tends to bring

But the greatest “sense organ”

Has not shape or color or locale

It is the Soul. Via it, be sensitive to God,

More than once-in-a-while.

Enjoy Him, Praise, Pray to Him, & of Him let your songs sing.

– eab,  10/11/20 

I rejoice with you if your home is paid for & your “flivver” also. Let me encourage you to avoid moving into the realm of Affluence (computer’s thesaurus gave “material comfort” as another meaning). Give away enough so you’re not “rolling in dough.” Help a poor church member, support an evangelist in Asia or Africa or do as God leads. Many Americans have so much that we’re in danger of making money a “god.” Discipline what you buy. Discipline what ALL you own. – August 2022

“…No longer observing the Sabbath but living in observance of the Lord’s Day,

on which also our life has sprung up again by Him…”

– Ignatius

Never, O friend, never tell God “I’m not going to do thus & thus” (something you know He wants you to do). He is God. One of the many descriptions of Him is the Title, FATHER. A good dad requires obedience. God is the Highest Example of Fatherhood. (It’s His “invention” if I may use a very human word.) He can’t allow you to remain His child & disobey. Ask Him for grace (when you know it IS, for sure, His will) & plunge in. Never tell Him “never”! – 9/29/22

Heb 9.27

“…It is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:”

Life has two thresholds. You had no chose about crossing the first (birth): Who your parents were, into what kind of a family, or which “side of the railroad tracks.” You are headed toward the 2nd (death). Here, you have full chose: Who your FATHER is, whether you join the most illustrious people ever to live – the saints, & to be forever (not on the “right side” of the tracks) but on the Upside of Heaven. – 10/11/22

“…I am the wheat of Christ: I am going to be ground with the teeth of wild beasts,

that I may be pure bread.”

– Ignatius, facing the lions

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