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Psa 23.5 +

Psa 23.5

“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

“You have been trying to purify the streams

but have neglected the fountain.”

– Jesse T Peck

backsliding 4.  how about denominations; surely they don’t lose out with God – – – or do they? The more organized a cluster of congregations, the more tightly a “superintendent” “president” or (“big-wig” whatever title) controls them (it seems) the faster they can fall. Congregations grow & unless there’s adequate humility, pride grows with that. Bigger buildings follow (& those in “better” part of town). Soon the pastor is “Dr.” So-n-So & the denomination slides into satan’s camp far too easily. – 10/17/22

“How many hardened sinners have commenced to pray without conscious emotion & been presently bathed in tears.  How many cold in religion have been warmed & revived in answer to prayer.

– Jesse T Peck


Where, Oh where, is your heart’s desire?

Is it based on earthly things?

Or would you like God’s Holy Fire

More than man’s changing trends and flings?

Is religion tied to a spire

Is it a sheer church-i-ness

God will still give His Holy Fire

The choice? His, OR your “rightness.”

Has church lifted you from sin’s mire?

Do you still sin every day?

Heavenly, Holy, burning Fire

Will lead you off that *broad way.

Are your preachers men for low hire

Glued to mere “church-ianity”

Pray, pray for Holy, Living Fire

Yes, in our own century.

Some pastors build their own empire,

Held up by rites and rituals.

God can do more with Holy Fire

Than men with games and “visuals.”

God’s still looking for those who tire

Of glitz, cheap glamour, and show.

He’ll do more with Holy Fire

Than any personality “glow.”

Old satan has his false wildfire

Based on emotional strings.

But God’s own, true, heavenly Fire

Is above such shallow things.

Horns, drums, and clapping can inspire

Shallow feelings – that’s for sure.

But the heart of pure, Living Fire

Is a Life constantly pure!  

I urge you, change your deep desire;

Leave the Broad Way Church behind.

Settle it – you’ll have Holy Fire.

Don’t accept another kind!

– eab, Oct. 2005

DAD. Teach your son the skill you know (or once knew & have lost for lack of practice). Teach him How to hold that tool, When to apply the pressure, How much twist (or torque) to use, How to know when he’s done it right (or when its faulty & need redone). If there’s a job you wish YOU knew how to do, be willing that you 2 (son & you) learn it together. Learn that new (or very OLD but useful) hand skill. Know some things, some jobs you (& your son) can do *without electricity. Do this now!!! – Oct 2022

“Have you felt the risings of self, of anger, of pride, of an unholy

ambition for distinction, for wealth, for power?”

– Jesse T Peck

You’ve perhaps heard, “He’s sure enough of his masculinity to wear pink.” Oh? Why would a MAN even consider a pink (or purple) shirt? I don’t like to see a male: 8, 12, 16 (any age) wear pink. (I may not be as sure of “so-n-so” masculinity as he *thinks* he is – satan is slick.) In an age of males trying to be “girls” (& girls attempted to be “boys”) it’s only WISE to stay away from colors (& clothing) which some sicko may see as a signal that this *guy is “available.” [P.S. This is aimed at no one.] – Oct. 2022

1Co 6.9

“…Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,

nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,”

“Be careful for nothing…”(Php 4.6). God does not want His children to be anxious. The devil, by horrible contrast, uses anxiety & today is perhaps using it more than since the Garden of Eden. When you are anxious or full of care(s) you’re easier for satan (& his men) to move: to do things you should not, buy what you don’t need, form harmful “friendships” (or break long-term, beneficial friendships) – satan will ruin you using anxiousness. Flee to Christ & allow His Peace to become your Peace. – 10/21/22 

“…All rivalry of God within you

is not only to be conquered but totally eradicated.”

– Jesse T Peck

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