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Psa 37.4 +

Psa 37.4

“Delight thyself also in the LORD;

& he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

“A foreigner won’t likely invest in real estate…he doesn’t intend to stay

…picture of the Christian & his lack of interest in earthly values.”

– L D Wilcox

HAVE YOU MET JESUS? #2  Please Friend, O, Please meet the TRUE Jesus. Sadly there is “another Jesus” (2Co 11.4) being preached. He (a false “christ”) allows his followers to keep sin in their life. he allows rock/semi-rock music in the false churches. Some pastors may know that they’re leading men astray, others are themselves deceived. Do not go to huge churches (popular “christianity”) expecting to meet the True Christ. Their love for the world makes Him unwelcome in their services. – 10/25/22

“Man’s departure from God was voluntary;

his return must likewise be voluntary.

– L D Wilcox


The soul is now preparing for its firm and final flight;

To plunge, to fall, to slip into the endless realm of night,

Or to soar, to climb, to lift, into the glorious light.

That soul, my Friend, is yours.

To choose is a God-given “right.”

Forsake sin, choose Christ

Who’ll make heaven a constant delight.

Flee the devil’s coming doom,

Where flame and fear both affright.

The Blood at Calvary spilt,

Has not lost it bright, mighty might.   

– eab,  10/29/06

A child, niece/nephew, neighbor, grandchild, who loved the world – as evidenced by what they wore, where they went, words they said – dies. It’s very natural to hope they went to heaven. I urge, oh, how I URGE for the sake of those still living, be very watchful of your words. You dare not give the living ANY false hope of the deceased being Above. It seems (increasingly?) “easy for all the dead to go to heaven” – Did God lower the entrance requirements? You KNOW God did not. Don’t you try. – Oct  2022  

“The term  original sin  was

 a term first used by the Calvinists…”

– L D Wilcox

Be grateful for every vestige of liberty we have left as a nation (we haven’t much). Be praying for Liberty in your house of worship. There was a time holiness churches were KNOWN for their liberty. Liberty to testify. Liberty to start a chorus or song. Liberty to say “Amen.” It is presently unknown if our land can/will have again the liberty we once knew. But if you will obediently pray God wants to restore liberty to mind Him within the walls of your church & home. Spiritual Liberty is the best! – 10/28/22

1Jo 2.17

“…The world passeth away & the lust thereof:

but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

“Oh, Gramp” (or Dad, Pastor Bryan, Uncle Edgar, Mr Bryan, Edgar – whatever you call me) “You don’t want me to go ‘there,’ you frown on me doing ‘that’ – you don’t want me to be happy!” Pardon me, but I DO WANT you to be “happy” (a rather cheap word but I’ll use it here). I don’t want this filthy world’s “fun” to Blind & keep you occupied until you die. I want you to awaken, to flee this failing world – I DO want you to be supremely “HAPPY” in Heaven. That is the best, the highest Happiness. – 10/29/22

“He [man] is free to choose how he will act, but

he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox

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