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PSA 100.2 +

Psa 100.2

“Serve the LORD with gladness:

come before his presence with singing.”

[Holiness] breathes in the prophecy, thunders in the law, murmurs in the narrative, whispers in the promises, supplicates in the prayers, resounds in the songs…” (con’t)

– Randolph S Foster

How utterly beautiful all earth must have been “In the beginning.” Man polluted it & God sent a world-wide, world-cleansing flood, known by the name of the survivor God told to build an ark, i.e. Noah’s Flood. The newly washed earth must have again been lovely in its “Born Again” state. Man has polluted earth in many ways & sadly in many locations. Even, however with widely spread sin, there is still a lot of beauty. I thank God for it. OPEN your eyes – Thank the Lord for His pretty earth. – 11/26/22

[Holiness]…sparkles in the poetry, shines in the types, glows in the imagery & burns in the spirit of the whole scheme from alpha to omega.”

– Randolph S Foster


You’ll never know the victory’s glory,

Nor the triumph of ground won,

Till you’ve know the battle “gory,”

Till you’ve fought your way through one.

You’ll never know true lightness of heart,

Nor the face lit up, serene,

Till you’ve know the aching part,

Till you’ve faced the tremor keen.

You’ll never know the beauty of relieve,

Nor prayer’s answering calm,

Till you’ve born the load of grief,

Till you’ve tarried beyond – tarried long.

– eab,  11/29/78

s_nta #1.  I purposely didn’t spell out the name of this falseness but assume you see who I mean. (Neither did I make the “s” a large one; he doesn’t deserve a capital.) Far from original with me; the same letters used to spell “s_nta” are used to spell satan. “Mere coincidence Bryan, mere coincidence.” I’m not so sure. Have nothing to do with either s_nta nor satan. If you’ve already used s_nta in your yard decorations – take him down. That’d be a great testimony to your neighbors. – 11/28/22

“Anything to be a temptation must have a natural power to awaken impulse toward it

& sin does not reside in a mere impulse of nature.”

– Randolph S Foster

READ IT # 2.  January 1 (you pick the yr) has “seen” millions of resolutions. Among those have been sinners & yes, even so-called-saints who’ve said, “I’m going to read the Bible thru this yr.” They started. Then they stopped. They COULD have started again mid-January, or mid-February, even mid-MARCH but they never did. satan doesn’t want you to Read the Bible. It will take a degree of manhood/ womanhood to push aside the obstacles but YOU can do this. Be. Disciplined. Be. Determined. – 11/28/22

Exo 20.4

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”

Some souls are sidetracked into images (real or imaginary) or into numbers (actual or binary). Even those who not fully sidetracked are too interested in words more as vehicles of art or as *art itself, than for the word’s worth. They’re caught up in size of letters, their color or font. The WORD is what matters! What does it mean? What does it mean in this context? What does (should) it mean to me & to men or culture around me? Life is in the Word – “the Word of Life” (1Jo 1.1). Don’t be sidetracked. – 11/29/22

“It is both his most sacred duty &

his most exalted privilege to be a completely holy man.”

– Randolph S Foster

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Psa 100.1 +

Psa 100.1

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD,

all ye lands.”

“Grace is but glory begun,

& glory is but grace perfected.”

– Jonathan Edwards

It is impossible for us to fully understand but that God WANTS to be with us. He desires to be our Best Friend; Higher, Better, Closer than an old-high-school chum, than your nearest sibling, Yes, even than your Husband/Wife. If God is already there – That Is Wonderful! If the Lord of Glory is not that close to us – are you ready for this? – it’s not God’s fault. It is our fault – yours & mine. Oh, that you Friend, oh, that I might step closer to The Holy Trinity in the next 24. Dare I say “God is waiting”? – 11/25/22 

The happiness of the creature consists in rejoicing in God,

by which also God is magnified & exalted.

– Jonathan Edwards

Develop (if you already do this, *maintain) a high level of honesty in conversation. Please understand it is not accurate to say, “I’ve done that *countless times.” (You could with little doubt COUNT the number of times that you’ve performed that task.) It’d be better to say, “I’ve done that *numerous times.” That is accurate. Don’t be like the urban legend “parent” who was said to have said, “I’ve told you a 1000 times not to exaggerate.” Honesty in heart should be reflected in our talk – everyday! – 11/28/22


God in His throne above the blue skies,

Has never, never had one(1) surprise.

We are tempted to question,

Maybe offer Him “a suggestion.”  

He knew! Even sees when a sparrow dies.

– eab, 11/28/17

READ IT # 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if several who read (at least glance at) ‘eabits’ have not read your Bible through. If God allows you to live the entire ‘2023’ it would be satisfying to you (IMO) if you could say you’d read God’s Book from “cover to cover.” You should plan to do so. I warn you it is not for sissies. It is not easy to read some genealogy lists. There are other sections which you may find difficult but there are many Bright spots, many Enjoyable passages. I STRONGLY urge you to read. – 11/28/22

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.

“Nothing puts a man so far from the devil’s reach

as humility.” 

– Jonathan Edwards

Without question – absolutely without doubt, the best thing you can BE is a Christian! A Real, a genuine follower of Jesus. Run from falseness. Drop (now!) any empty profession of being a “good” guy/”good” gal. You bro, you sis, need to be all in. Be 100% for Jesus. “I can’t be – I’m resentful.” I appreciate your honesty. But hear me, you can ask this very Christ to forgive your resentment (He can) & ask Him to infill you with Himself (He can do that). Stop playing. Become a True Christian! – 11/28/22

“You can be so sanctified that everyone around you is getting blessed, you aren’t, but it OK.  Or you can be the only one getting blessed & you do not deride them for not being as blessed as you are.”

 – C Ponder Frederick [This is an essence of Frederick’s idea – in Bryan’s words.] 

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Psa 91.2 +

Psa 91.2

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge & my fortress

my God; in him will I trust.”

“Sanctified people need to remember that the spirit of heaviness

is entirely compatible with the spirit of holiness.” 

– C W Ruth

MARRIAGE. At one time, most churches & many states encouraged marriage; one man with one wife. Divorce was frowned on by both organizations & actually forbidden by multiple houses of worship. Marriage was to last until either man or wife expired. Both organizations approved of solid marriages; they make strong churches & sturdy countries. Christ didn’t accept divorce (except as seen in Mat 5.32, 19.9) & He never approved of a subsequent marriage. Fornication isn’t marriage. – 11/18/22

“They [the world] say ‘We go to the theatre, play cards, dance,

go to football games, horse races etc. etc. & so do your church members.

– C W Ruth


I’ve noticed one thing as I traverse the earth,

With its tears, and smiles, sorrows, and mirth,

That the steps we leave in snow and sand,

When reviewed at a stop, help us understand

The wanderings and achievements of man.

That man’s acts, though small and erased by time,

For a moment and mile appear sublime;

But wind and wave leave the print no more,

For man is a spirit, on eternity’s shore.

– eab,  11/27/70

Want a new (A few of you may’ve already enjoyed this.) experience? A heightened, Spiritual adventure? Set aside half a morning, go to a private location, come “equipped” with coffee/tea thermos or chilled soft drink, your Bible, & pen/paper or laptop (strictly for notes). As you plan for this rendezvous, pray God to guide you to the right Book. On the right hour, in the right place, with the right Book, have a seat & read an entire Bible Book through At-One-Setting. You will (IMO) be happy you did. – 11/21/22  

“…The larger the treasure in the house

the greater the effort of the thief to break through & steal.”

– C W Ruth

Men, with a heart that wants the world, will marry a woman who’s worldly. A woman in love with the world’s Sights & Sounds is likely to marry a man who soul is attached to earth. This is true for first, legitimate unions & perhaps (if anything) more true for second unions whither lawful (in light Christ’s teachings) or not. Men – be thoroughly Born Again before you get engaged. Women – be all Christ’s – before you agree to be a wife. Marriage Is SUPER Serious! – 11/25/22

Psa 50.14

“Offer unto God thanksgiving;

& pay thy vows unto the most High”

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite special days – – – possibly THE FAVORITE. Why, you might ask? 1.) Its a prime representative of autumn, my choice of the four seasons. 2.) It is an American Holiday – I love the idea of Pilgrims & “Indians” have a meal together – the fact that “new” Americans were friends with “old” Americans. 3.) It is a holiday with an authentic date (neither “christmas” nor “easter” have believable dates). 4.) And, I like both the taste of turkey & the fact it’s an American bird. – 11/26/22 

“It is not the manifestation we want at all

it is Him we want.”

– C W Ruth

[1] Written after being somewhat surprised at seeing my on footsteps in the snow in the West Rushville (Ohio) cemetery. Had gone to my brother’s grave. Consider it one of my better short poems.

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Psa 91.1 +

Psa 91.1

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

“God never promises a reward for those who give away their money after they are dead

& gone.  Why should they be rewarded for that which they cannot help doing?”

– Oswald J Smith

God wants to direct your life & if you will live for Him, He (Who only has the power to do this) will grant you Eternal Life, i.e. eternity with Him, the Source of Life. satan, by horrible contrast, wants to ruin your life. If you & I are stupid enough to listen to satan, he knows you’ll have Eternal Death. satan is already damned (has been since he fell – Christ said, “…I beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven”(Luk 10.18). O, my friend, let Jesus direct your every move: day & night. – 11/19/22

“The United States spent more on gum in one year

than she spent on Missions.

– Oswald J Smith

Please pray that your wife (husband) love God with all her/his heart. Please pray for children & the children of your children. Pray for others (kin or no kin) as they cross your mind. However; allow me to be perfectly frank with you. There is no person – please hear this – No Person for whom you are more responsible than You. See to it Today, that you are clear, 100% clear with God. You can be. You ought to be. Being right with Christ should be the top priority of this day. MAKE IT SO. – 11/21/22


Bronze man standing plum and tall,

To his back, a square, squat, squaw;

On her back, in his round rack

Sat a silent papoose – fat.

These three specimens, native race,

Came on that day face to face,

With Christian man, and Christian grace.

– eab,  11/26/69

Dear Phillip & Heather, give our “greetings” (again) to Leo & Caro.  Please express to them that it was a pleasure to have met them on Bodmann but that this time was better. I was happy Phillip had Leo pray for the Thanksgiving dinner & for the depth & breadth of his prayer. I enjoyed learning details of his dad (sorry for his sad times) & seeing a bit of China & Taiwan “thru his eyes.” It was also interesting to hear his insights into Africa. And thanks for the Argentinan picture frame. Wishing them safe travels. – 11/26/22

Psa 30.4

“Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his

& give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

“The truest end of life

is to know that life never ends.” 

– Wm Penn

Thank you Phillip, Heather, & children, for the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with you. The house in which you make your home is unique; unique in its hillside location, unique in its “boondocks” setting & unique in its floor-plan. Thank you, Phillip, for your delicious turkey. Thank you, Heather, for your tasty pies & other foods. Thank you, children for your various helps pre-dinner, during, & post-dinner. Thank you “Babe” for the sweet potatoes. And – better than good food – thanks for the fellowship. – 11/26/22

“If men be good,

governments cannot be bad.”

– Wm Penn

[1] I assigned my HSBC students (had class ON Thanksgiving Day that year) to write a Thanksgiving poem; this is what I wrote during the time they were writing. 

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Psa 90.12 +

Psa 90.12

“So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

“A religion, even popular Christianity, could enjoy a boom altogether divorced from the transforming power of the Holy Spirit & so leave the church of the next generation worse off…”

– A W Tozer

Have you made an alphabetical list of things for which you Thank God? A’s, B’s, & even Q’s (“quiche” “quiet” & “quails” are possibilities) but Z? Well, be thankful for “zebras” (‘horse wrapped in a ribbon’), “zucchini” (stewed, fried, even in a cake) & “zero” (exact place you want your debts to rest). – 11/18/22

“…That word perfection never meant a spiritual terminal point nor a state of purity that made watchfulness & prayer unnecessary.  Exactly the opposite.

– A W Tozer


Those of you writing fake;

“News,” that’s not quite true.

Remember there’s a God above

Who’s displeased with the lot of you.

He knows that you have lied

And – – – if you don’t decide

To confess (& that with speed)

And to His Bible take true heed

In hell, you’ll have to reside.

– eab, 11/21/19  

THE RACE  2. If the above three columns are all, if they represent the sum of life, there’s a nearly unbearable sadness. Thank God, in family after family, there’s a fourth (if truly raked; a First) event: conversation from sinnerhood to sainthood. It’s always post birth, occurs sometimes before marriage, sometimes after, & always before death. Men/women via prayer & faith become children of the King of kings. Oh, Thank God, for every time this episode happens. Have you been Born Again? – 11/20/22 

“This frightening hour calls aloud for men with the gift of prophetic insight. 

Instead we have men who conduct surveys, polls & panel discussions.”

– A W Tozer

The ugliest thing that can happen in a home is not death. Death is ugly; mighty Ugly. No, the ugliest thing that can happen in a home is divorce. AND you, selfish wife, you, selfish husband, are “in charge” of divorce. God allows death; it must come. You allow divorce; it does not have to come. Fight for your marriage. Pray for your marriage. Be willing to apologize that it survive. Ask God to pour more love in your heart for your husband/wife. Bite your tongue. Allow God to purify your heart. – 11/21/22

Mar 10.9

“What therefore God hath joined together

let not man put asunder.”

It is said that Wm Turner (in a 1545 work) said, “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.” If you want to know the direction a man – or movement – is headed, watch. (Don’t commit to follow or support anyone without a period of observation.) Sooner or later you’ll find another man (or movement) which you have previous measured, join them (or rarely) oppose them. Reminder – Jesus Christ didn’t hold a Joint Ministerial with Pharisees NOR Saducees. Follow His example. – 11/21/22 

“…Let us beware of that imitation faith which is no more than a mental assent to truth…

 True faith invariably brings a witness.”

– A W Tozer

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Psa 85.6 +

Psa 85.6

“Wilt thou not revive us again:

that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

I remember when the Titanic sank…it was the ship that was supposed to be unsinkable…When it took off from England, all kinds of passengers were aboard – millionaires, celebrities, people of moderate means & poor folks down in the steerage. But a few hours later when they put the list in the Cunard office in New York, it carried only two categories – lost & saved…”

– Vance Havner

Do I want to see more ministers? Yes, and (surprise) No. Yes. I’d love to hear true accounts of men who are dead to themselves & very alive to preaching Christ. No – if they’re *representing themselves. We have enough who like the “lime-light” a pulpit provides. (I go to no theaters [in home or out], attend no spots where comedians cavort [secular or “christian”] so know little of lime-light but it refers (IMO) to attention. We have too many guys who love to be seen & heard instead of making Christ known. – 11/11/22 

“Salt seasons, purifies, preserves. But somebody ought to remind us that salt also irritates.

Real living Christianity rubs this world the wrong way.”

– Vance Havner

US 4 – NO MORE. #3  In #1 (above) mentioned you praying for a ‘Spiritual’ Giant (& him appreciating it). Sadly, the guy who sees himself as a ‘Spiritual’ Giant but is *selling-for-more-than-he’s-worth, may not like it that you (an ordinary christian) are praying for him (in his imagined “elevated” state). Pray on. And pray for any nationally known (or internationally known) person you feel lead to pray for. – 11/14/22


Ole Achan saw.  Coveted.  Took.

Became a bad name in the Good Book.

Coveting is against God’s law;

Though the sin was *not  that he saw.

Watch – Don’t take that SECOND look.  Jos 7,

– eab,  11/20/05 

That “special event” you attended – you tried to imagine it a “worship time” but a sinner attending might have seen it as entertainment (Pardon me, they may be nearer right than you are) – who really was “center”? Who/what was the main attraction? Did you leave with a wonderful sense of *How *Glorious *Is *God? Or were your thoughts more focused on some human? Some “talent”? Please Friend, attend no “event” which is earthy or man-centered. Be preparing for the Greatest EVENT in the skies. Be ready. – 11/19/22

Psa 85. 8

“I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people

& to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.

“The devil is not fighting religion. He’s too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.” 

– Vance Havner

THE RACE  1. The human race can be conceptualized as a long intermittent series of births stretching back across the far horizon. It can also be seen as beautiful scenes of June (or other months) weddings in little chapels or under summer shade trees, in huge old churches or on sandy beeches. And the same human train can be witnessed as a bevy of burials; old men & old women being bid a final “goodbye” by their last remaining families – the living parting ways with the dead. – 11/20/22

“…We are…told in the Scriptures…men will…heap to themselves teachers to tickle their ears. We live in an epidemic of this itch…popular preachers have developed ‘ear-tickling’ into a fine art.”

– Vance Havner

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PSA 84.10 +

Psa 84.10

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper

in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

Let Christian kings therefore keep their faith & truth & all lawful promises & bonds, not one with another only, but even with the Turk or whatsoever infidel it be. For so it is right before God; as the scriptures & ensamples of the Bible testify.

– Wm Tyndale

Thank the Lord, HE is not restricted to finding next generation pastors & evangelists from within our “holiness” churches – Never has been, Never will be. Yet, I would that present pastors & present congregation would feel the pull, yes, the necessity of each church doing its part to send Holy Laborers into God’s ripe field. Release your sons to carry the message of holiness across the street & across the sea. Pray that God will call your grandsons into His ministry. This month. This year.  – Fall 2022

“By grace I understand the favor of God & also the gifts & working of his Spirit in us; as love, kindness, patience, obedience, mercifulness, despising of worldly things, peace, concord & such…”

– Wm Tyndale

US 4 – NO MORE. #2  It’s too easy to Not pray. (Lazy people do NOT go to heaven – earth is our place to learn to work for God & one of the ways to work is to pray.) And, it’s easy to drop into a rut & pray for only the same list: family, pastor, the hospitalized, a few friends. Allow me to encourage you to expand your Praying *time & expand your Praying *list. No man/woman on their death bed, ever said, “I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time praying.” NONE. – 11/14/22


Food and sex, and sleep, for that matter

Are for man to enjoy in God’s timely measure.

Each can become an obsession, a “right”

Something you convince yourself of day & night

While your soul dies – your greatest treasure.

– eab,  11/18/16

TV “parent”

Once a girl imitated her mother; a son, his dad.

Now often they act like what’s seen on TV. Sad. Sad.

– eab,  11/18/16

AN IDEA. If you have a yoke-fellow (one who sharpens your mind, &/or he files on your) you might consider getting together to pray & to Cross – Pollinate Ideas. Read a Book of the Bible ahead of meeting & meet for ½ day (in private conference room of a library or other) to share your individual thoughts on the Sacred Text. Come as mutual students of the Word, Pray together as Christian Brothers, Sharpen wits, Share a meal & Leave to your separate ministries as Friends – till next month or two. – 11/17/22    

Joh 1.11

“He came unto his own &

his own received him not.

Christ forbiddeth his disciples & that oft…

to exalt themselves one above another in the kingdom of God.” 

– Wm Tyndale

Don’t defend the idea that Jesus was born in the month we call “December.” Nor get hung-up on a theory He was born the 25th. Clear thinking & open research do NOT warrant being caught in this “corner.” BUT defend – yea, defend if need be with your very life – Christ was born! He was born as surely as you were born. The fact of His birth – & subsequent life, death, & resurrection are absolutely wonderful! The date? Not that important; neither month, day, nor yr.  CHRIST WAS BORN! – 11/18/22

“…It is impossible to preach Christ,

except thou preach against antichrist.”

– Wm Tyndale

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Psa 84.2 +

Psa 84.2

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the LORD:

my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.”

“You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches

 as by what he doesn’t preach.”

– V O Agan

When you see a man drawn toward money – he likes a flashy outfit, attention-getting-shoes, always drives expensive cars – distance yourself from him. Or, he may not do much of this list but he wants to buddy-buddy with rich men; avoid him. The guy who loves money may pastor, profess in a christian college, head up a group of churches, or run a mission board but he has a problem. Be nice to him, pray for him, but don’t be around him more than necessary. – 11/15/22

“The sanctified Christian can do what he desires

& at the same time, what God requires.

– V O Agan

Inland Sea

I serve a God who speaks and all is well.

He spoke and light came here to dwell.

Centuries later He spoke and a blind man saw,

Deaf heard, Lame walked, He healed them all;

Even an inland-stormy sea, lost its swell.

– eab,  11/17/16

The Vowels of Private Devotions:

A. Private Devotions provide a perfect place for you to ADMIRE God.

E. P.D. (private devotions) help get you close enough to ENJOY God.

I.  In P.D. you (in a One-on-one relationship) are INSTRUCTED by God.

O. P.D. are only successful as you repeatedly OBEY God.

U. Time spent in P.D. affords a better UNDERSTANDING of God. – 11/16/22

The purpose of God is not to make you happy;

The purpose of God is to make you holy.

– V O Agan

Dear Brother – pastor, man filling-in till the pastor gets there, head deacon taking the pastor’s place for a day – please (not said unkindly but said with sincerity) if you’re “entertaining” the congregation you’re wasting your time. God called no one, repeat, No One to entertain. But – you’re not only wasting your time, you’re sadly misleading youth to think this is normal & you’re disappointing adults who know it is not. Call the saints to their knees. A prayer meeting might result, which could be memorable. – 11/17/22 

1Ti 6.10

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they

have erred from the faith & pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

The amount of bling showing up on sinners bodies is unbelievable. One could nearly think he’s in a heathen culture. Sadly, that’s to what American has dropped. Dad/Mom, don’t allow your at-home-child to be just a step or two behind their sinner cousins. AND if your on-his-own child shows up with bling it seems (IMO) you have 2 choices: 1.) Speak to him (kindly) about how disappointed you are in his “junk” or 2.) Ignore his heathenish body decorations so that your silence is strongly felt. – 11/17/22   

“What is heaven but

an eternal monument to holiness?”

– V O Agan

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Psa 71.18 +

Psa 71.18

“Now also when I am old & grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have showed

thy strength unto this generation & thy power to every one that is to come.”

“God wants the church

to be a perfect contrast to the world.”

– Beverly Carradine

Us 4 – NO MORE. #1  How Friend, is your prayer life? Is it growing? Would you honestly say you’re praying a little more than a yr ago? Are you still praying for “Us Four & No More”? I hope you already do this – but if you don’t – develop the ability to momentarily pray for whoever crosses your mind. You might ask, “But who am I that I should pray for some ‘Spiritual’ Giant”? Your question is fair. It is humble of you to ask it – – – yet a true Spiritual Giant will be happy that you pray for him. – 11/14/22

“Entertainment opens the floodgates &

literally submerges the church in worldliness.

– Beverly Carradine

Find Truth                     

You may seek mushrooms in the spring

And not find a fungal thing.

You may hunt a deer in the fall

And find nothing, nothing at all.

You may look for gold up many a stony creek

And sadly, not find what you seek.

But if truth is truly your goal

Truth WILL be found. Keep seeking soul.

– eab, 11/16/14   

Start carrying a notepad with you – or if you have a sweaty job or must work in weather where a pad would get wet & ruined – have it close & write down ideas as soon as possible after they come to you. eab did not plan on posting yrs ago on social media. My little “eabits” now must number be in the 100s (I’ve not counted them) but they (whether deemed good or bad) couldn’t have been, but for my carrying (or having handy) pad or paper & my “trusty” bic pen (or other). Write down YOUR ideas. – 11/14/22

“The church

was never sent to entertain men.”

– Beverly Carradine

Please – take a walk. By yourself. Daytime (if there’s any danger) & think. As a Friend, I’d like to ask you, to ask yourself, this serious question, “Why do I like the words of men – even supposed good men – better than the words of God?” Are you brave enough to do this? Will you walk & think? Will you face the truth about loving men’s little books better than Loving God’s Big Book? All, yes ALL, of man’s books disappear as the world ends. GOD’S Book is eternal. Read/Emphasis His Book as never before – 11/15/22

Psa 119.103

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste!

yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

There is gold. It’s God made & exceedingly valuable. There’s silver, also God made but at times (if my observation is correct) of approximately 10% value. There are other metals which have value – unless I’m mistaken – related to their usefulness to man. There is fiat “money” made of “paper,” printed by “government” presses & we’re *told it has value. There’s a “money” usable only via electronics & some believe “it” has value – or once did. “…The love of money is the root of all evil”(1Ti 6.10). – 11/15/22

“…We give the name of virtues to our vices

& go on self-deceived.”

– Beverly Carradine

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Psa 71.17 +

Psa 71.17

“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth:

& hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.”

“It is better to wait upon God with patience

 than to confidence in anything in this lower world.”

– David Brainerd

Christians are better thinkers than sinners. “What a minuet – what ‘inventions’ have saints done?” Return Question. How many of sinners new-fangled “inventions” will be in heaven? The very fact that saints are focused on eternity & ready to go to heaven SHOWS they think better. Sinners are side-lined with state fairs, football, pumpkin shows, disney world – in short, anything satan can use to keep their attention on earth, when they have “1 foot in the grave & the other on a banana peeling.” – 11/11/22

It is good to wrestle

for divine blessings.”

– David Brainerd

TIME in the Word of God – by verses (vv = more than one verse):

Year – 327vv,  Years – 450vv          Month – 188vv,  Months – 57vv

Week – 12vv,  Weeks – 13vv           Day – 1544vv,  Days – 797 

Hour – 87vv,  Hours – 3vv

No “minute/minutes” are in Bible nor “second/seconds” either. – 11/12/22

The compromiseR

The compromiser is a trial to me;

His blindness I find hard to see.

He wants to go a broader road.

God, help me carry a greater prayer-load

And love him back, dear Lord, to Thee.

– eab,  November  2009      

Perhaps you should write your Spiritual Biography. Who was the pastor under whom you were saved? Do you remember if an evangelist was involved? Where you redeemed at home, at church, during a camp meeting or at a convention? Did you write down the exact date (or can you figure it out using an old calendar)? Maybe you even remember the invitation song that was being sung, as you walked down the aisle. Your children (&/or Their children) might be happy to read these (& other) details. – 11/14/22

Exo 20.4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

“God was gracious to me, helping me to plead with Him for holiness & to use the stronger arguments with Him, drawn from the incarnation & sufferings of Christ for this very end, that men might be made holy.” 

– David Brainerd

We live in a world of images. I hope you recognize this. Until you realize we’re “covered up” with these you may not resist them. Here are some *synonyms my laptop thesaurus lists for “image:” 1.picture, 2.representation, 3.icon, 4.figure, 5.likeness, 6.illustration, 7.reflection, 8.copy, 9.impression, 10.idea, 11.vision, 12.view, 13.appearance, 14.air, 15.look, 16.persona. Magazines, papers, billboards, TV, smart phones are plastered with them. Back Away. Make images less important to you & your kin. – 11/14/22

“After I rode more than two miles [horseback], it came to my mind to dedicate myself to God again; which I did with great solemnity & unspeakable satisfaction.”

– David Brainerd

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