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Psa 37.25 +

Psa 37.25

“I have been young & now am old; yet have I not seen

the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

“If one does not believe in the eradication

of sin in the heart he does not believe in holiness.”

– R T (Roy Tilman) Williams

Dear Friend – Do not be thrilled with drama. A MAN wrote it. Mere MAN presents it. It is an act – therefore practiced & practiced & practiced. Its lines are calculated to bring MAN’s applause. So – – – it is MAN, MAN, MAN. Stop glorying in how well MAN can act. God is far, FAR above such trivia. – 10/20/22

“It is quite easy to change one’s theory

to suit his experience.

– R T (Roy Tilman) Williams


I love that when my kids love me

A lowly, earthy dad.

But, Oh, I want them to love God more

Best “Father” man’s ever had.

– eab,  11/1/18   

GOD’S MEN #2. Prophets form the next category. Some see “Prophet” as a man who foresees the future. Others may see this title as another way of saying “preacher.” If taken with the first meaning modernity (as I understand it) has had few such men. If you expand “seeing the future” to include a “high level of discernment” I may’ve heard one or two (purposely left un-named) in my yrs of memory in our beloved holiness churches or camps. They (IMO) have been very rare. – 10/30/22 

“Man sanctifies himself through consecration. 

God sanctifies him by the baptism of the Holy Ghost & fire.”

– R T (Roy Tilman) Williams

Pseudo science tries to impress you with numbers – “exact” numbers. According to them light “travels at 186,000 miles per second” (not 185K, no “186K”). They say it is “4.3 light years” to the nearest star (not 4.4 or 4.2 [like they really know]). Some thinking people stopped believing “…science falsely so called” (1Ti 6.20) yrs ago. Some (Thank the Lord) doubted “science” the last couple of yrs) & therefore are alive. Please stop “buying” all the numbers a “false science” throws out. Stop being impressed. – 10/31/22

Heb 9.27

“…It is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:”

You are alive. Have you thanked God for that? A former student of mine died sometime ago. A former classmate died recently. YOU know someone who has been buried on yonder hillside, not far back. But you are alive. Are you drawing closer to God? Have you given the Lord the key to the innermost chamber of your heart or – OR – do you insist on winning “this argument” with God? You WON’T! God is right & if you disagree with Him, you are wrong. Please yield today to Jesus. Please. – 11/1/22 

“All would like to have perfect love, greater power, more joy

…few seemingly are willing to die to self & sin.”

– R T Williams

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