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PSA 46.1 +

Psa 46.1

“God is our refuge & strength,

a very present help in trouble.”

“Christ’s work in us is not finished

until He has perfected His own form in us.”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Hunting #5. Never feel sorry for yourself if you “bag” nothing. I’ve had deer-less deer hunts, a moose-less moose hunt, & an elk-less elk hunt. If you enjoyed God great canvas (sky) o’erhead, if you relished His detailed carpet (forest floor) under your feet, if you loved His breeze (or flake of snow) in your face, if you ate the best-tasting baloney or peanut-butter/jelly sandwiches of your life; file those memories. Meat-less? Maybe, but chuck full of sights, smells, sounds of lasting memory. Enjoy! – 9/29/22

When reproached they [the meek] hold their peace…

they will not go to law to defend their rights…”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

DID THEY MAKE IT? # 1. As my wife & I have aged we’ve “touched-base” more with the child’s home we just left, by her calling (or texting) back that “we’re safely home.” Ever wondered if So-n-So made it safely to “Home to Heaven”? Why does the Lord not let us know? Why is there no “sign in the sky” that What’s-his-Name is now Above. I’m NOT trying to be Sacrilegious. Never. NEVER. There are who-knows-how-many-reasons God does not normally let us know. In #2 & #3 I suggestion two. – Fall 2022


Some worship a god made of stone,

A relic of hair, bit of bone.

Some go to a “holy” river;

Or seek discernment in a liver.

Some worship a man, a sports star,

Or singer on stage with guitar.

Some reverence “globe,” the blue moon.

Some adorn what’s on their fast spoon.

Some before a cold statue stand,

Or kneel before it, with folded hand.

Some venerate the rising sun,

Between stones pre-set for its “run.”

Some adore their expensive car.

Some worship a still movie star.

Some a poisonous viper adore.

Some “worship” – shopping at mall store.

Others before a picture bow. 

Some think there is a “holy” cow.

Friend, What is it you venerate?

What do you love that you should hate?

Everything in the list above,

Was made by God, the God of love.

Worship the Maker, Spirit, Son

He, over sin, vict’ry has won.

– eab,  11/2/10

GOD’S MEN #3. Thank the Lord, I’ve heard a few who fit this Title. They’re men who devoted themselves to one of the hardest jobs on earth. To arrive at a chapel/camp & take upon their shoulders the burden of 1.) Awakening the partially Awake 2.) Challenging & praying with the sanctified Saints 3.) And preaching serious messages to Sinners, is a huge task. These men are a rare bred of God-called-men. Then they move to a new town & start all over again. I do not envy them but I DO admire them. – 10/30/22

MAT  7.15

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing

but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

“Intercession is the most promising way

 to reach our neighbors.” 

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The poor teaching of grammar – building blocks of the Bible – is very possibly part of satan’s (hidden) plan. Our Best teachers (after the teaching of Bible) should be employed grounding youth in grammar. Instead we’ve followed the world’s nonsense insisting the “Bright” students study math or science. No. One can go to heaven without knowing M. or S. but a better grasp of the elements of grammar can make them a better saint on earth & may (I do not know) increase their reward Above. – 11/1/22

“This is the end –

for me the beginning”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 4/8/1945, his last words

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