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Psa 48.1 +

Psa 48.1

“Great is the Lord & greatly to be praised in the city of our God

in the mountain of his holiness.”

“Many are fooled by the liberal holiness preacher’s terminology…

‘worldliness’…he in no real sense means…”

– Steve D Herron

DID THEY MAKE IT? # 2. God, who loves Personalities (He made every-last-one of them), knew the personality of the one who just died. Our Wonderful Lord knew them inside & out, knew their weakness (we all have one or more) & knew their strengths. He may have required “X” to be stricter in some area than He requires you. If you KNEW they made heaven you might think you also had to be that strict. He wants you to follow HIS leadership for you, not what you saw a peer (even a great peer) do. – 10/29/22

“There are three stages in a man’s life:

Young, Middle age, & ‘You’re looking good.

– Steve D Herron


“Walk before Me and be thou perfect” [1]

Are profound words spoken by God,

To a man on earth – still topside of sod.

Did God (Who knows all things),

Know something theologians do not?

Have theologians been self-deceived,

Satisfied without, what they have not sought?

Does God (Who has all power)

Have power to make one perfectly whole,

Whether he’s living in Timbuktu

Or near yonder cold “north pole”?

Doubt your theology rather than God’s Word.

Perfect motive is possible with the Lord.

– eab, 11/5/08  

GOD’S MEN #4. To pastor is to shepherd the flock (the size of which is irrelevant). It is to feel their hurts & do what he can to heal them. Godly pastors are SADLY, too few & far between. He is a man content with his parsonage & not always asking for improvements. He is a man who’s interested in building the Kingdom of God (not trying to make himself “look” good). He is a man who studies his Bible but is not strictly a “book man.” He prays for his people daily & visits them often. We need more Pastors. – 10/30/22     

“…We have in the holiness Movement the practice of such things as mixed-bathing, wearing of all sorts of brief attire, movie viewing (at home & in theaters), public sports participation, etc. & no one is supposed to utter a protest…”

– Steve D Herron

The cheater (in sales, classroom, or yes, even pulpit) may know he’s lying (God pity his puny soul). Or he may himself be deceived – may hope & “dream” what he’s doing is right. But, sadly whether he knows or doesn’t know he’s cheating, YOU are the loser. You may lose a few dollars – that’s Bad. You may lose yrs of hard study – that’s Sad. Or, if said cheater was misleading you from a pulpit, you may end up losing your never dying SOUL – – – for which there is no word. WATCH OUT. – 11/5/22 

Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,

that men ought always to pray & not to faint;”

You can become known as a man who “likes” Prayer. You can converse about Prayer. You may hold meetings on Prayer. You can preach about Prayer. You can sing about Prayer. You can talk about Prayer. You can write a paper about Prayer. You can produce a PhD dissertation on Prayer. And yet not frequent the Prayer closet. The man who regularly prays; is in his private space 2-3 times a day, is better than all the above. Now is your time to PRAY. Prayer is work. Please stop ventilating about it & get to work. – 11/5/22  

“Trying to find where some holiness preachers stand on some issues

 is like trying to hold down an eel on a slippery rock.”

– Steve D Herron

[1] Gen 17.1

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