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Psa 48.2 +

Psa 48.2

“Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth

is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.”

Do but stand still in the hour of trial & you will see the help of God, if you trust in Him. But there is so often a forsaking the ways of the Lord in the hour of trial & thus the food of faith, the means whereby our faith may be increased, is lost.”

– George Mueller

GOD’S MEN #5. Some might argue that #4 & 5 go together & I can see that point. A good Teacher however may not be a pastor. And I could wish ever Pastor were a Teacher but alas that is not always true. A Bible teacher is needed in every church; a man (pastor or other – beside him or under him) who can/will take a chapter & verse-by-verse (or topic-by-topic) work his way along teaching. Personally I taught the vast majority of Wed. nights across many yrs & several churches. Fall, 2022

“God judges what we give

 by what we keep.

– George Mueller


Have you thanked God today for your eyes

Your left one & your right?

They are – after all – how you receive

Your beauty & your light.

– eab, 11/7/22

DID THEY MAKE IT? # 3. After you’ve read #2 you perhaps can imagine the opposite. The deceased may have had a habit (of speech, of attire, of music) which God allowed for them but does not want for you (because he knows if you did it, it would drag you to hell). God lovingly does NOT let us know (the VAST majority of the time) that So-n-So is now with Him. Love Him enough to let that be. Draw closer to Him today (& still closer tomorrow). May SURE you make heaven WHATEVER IT TAKES. – Fall,  2022

If we sleep more than is needful for the refreshment of the body, it is wasting the time with which the Lord has entrusted us as a talent, to be used for his glory, for our own benefit & the benefit of the saints & the unbelievers around us.”

– George Mueller

1st Timothy 6.20 #1.  Do you believe God’s Word or the words of mere men; tho’ they’re called “scientists”? If you automatically answered this yes, I hope it’s a True “Yes.” Many evangelicals & holiness people are more indoctrinated by worldly “science” than they realize (or care to admit). God’s Eternal Book speaks of “sun” -153 vv (“sunS” are fiction), “moon” -51 vv, “stars” -50 vv (not counting some other names that may be used), “planets” -1 v, “constellations” -1v. – 11/7/22

Jos 10.12

“Then spake Joshua…said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; & thou, Moon in the valley of Ajalon.”

1st Timothy 6.20 #2. Dear Christian, remember God said His famous “Let there be light” on Creation Day 1. On Creation Day 4 God (lumping all heavenly lights together):  A.) tells their location “…in the firmament of the heaven…”  B.) assigns their Daily Duty “…divide the day from the night…” C.) assigns their Long Range Duty “…signs…seasons…days…years” and D.) shows them WHAT they’re to illuminate “…give light upon the Earth”(v15 & He reinforces it again v17). These are VERY important! – 11/7/22

“They that trust in the Lord

 shall never be confounded!”

– George Mueller

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