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Psa 51.22 +

Psa 51.22

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord & he shall sustain thee:

he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith

as breathing is of life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

Home schooling?  Have a TV in the house? That big screen is working against you. You hopefully are giving home schoolers a strong diet of Bible – TV will undermine the Bible, at times openly & other times by insinuation. You’re teaching your daughter & son to be humble – TV flashes pride before them. I speak not just of the sad multiple-colored-flag-crowd but of the pride of ball winning, pride of “beauty contests,” pride of politics. Please get TV out of your home. It’s garbage! – 9/27/22 

To go to heaven, fully to enjoy God,

is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here.”

– Jonathan Edwards

Our Lord was slapped – I am sorry – but He slapped no one. He was mistreated (spit on, struck with a reed, had thorns put on His head) but He mistreated no one. Christ was scourged but He took a whip to no one (examine the scene of Him driving out money-changers – no proof His cords hit one man.) Christ was nailed to a Roman cross – iron tore through Holy Flesh but He never hurt any one. Jesus was killed but The Lord of Glory killed no one. Remember this when you’re tempted to defend violence. – 11/11/22  

“Causes” come. “Causes” go. “Causes” are forgotten.

But be dedicated to the Son, God’s only Begotten.

Don’t allow a “cause,” even a cause called “good”

To “use” you, your energy, misguide you (as it would).

Live only for Christ (and – be ready to die for Him).

Jesus is paramount – not any man-generated whim!

– eab,  11/12/18

Men can make machines which spit tiny particles of water into the air & if it’s cold enough, they become small ice “balls.” On the slopes (where men become boys on skies/snow boards) we pretend these miniscule particles are “snow.” In reality, only God can make snow. Snow is a gift – a gift from Above. Yes, I know snow may slow some people’s plans & even “cause wrecks” (really wrecks are “caused” by ineptness) but others love it. Enjoy it or calmly accept it, knowing others LIKE snow. – 11/12/22

Job 38.22

“Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?

or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail

“True liberty consists only in the power of doing what we ought to will

& in not being constrained to do what we ought not to will.” 

– Jonathan Edwards

You slide back. I’m sorry. There was a time you felt (& LOVED) the smile of God. Something happened. The “joy bells” of victory stopped ringing. You – with whom I went to school /college /seminary, You, whom I tried to teach, You, who sat in pews where I tried to pastor, You’ve backslidden! You still profess but inside you & God are NOT speaking. You’re aging. You’re waiting to die, yet know you’re not ready to die. STOP. Take that first step back toward God. He loves YOU. – 11/12/22

“Never do anything I would not want to be doing

the last hour of my life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

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