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Psa 85.6 +

Psa 85.6

“Wilt thou not revive us again:

that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

I remember when the Titanic sank…it was the ship that was supposed to be unsinkable…When it took off from England, all kinds of passengers were aboard – millionaires, celebrities, people of moderate means & poor folks down in the steerage. But a few hours later when they put the list in the Cunard office in New York, it carried only two categories – lost & saved…”

– Vance Havner

Do I want to see more ministers? Yes, and (surprise) No. Yes. I’d love to hear true accounts of men who are dead to themselves & very alive to preaching Christ. No – if they’re *representing themselves. We have enough who like the “lime-light” a pulpit provides. (I go to no theaters [in home or out], attend no spots where comedians cavort [secular or “christian”] so know little of lime-light but it refers (IMO) to attention. We have too many guys who love to be seen & heard instead of making Christ known. – 11/11/22 

“Salt seasons, purifies, preserves. But somebody ought to remind us that salt also irritates.

Real living Christianity rubs this world the wrong way.”

– Vance Havner

US 4 – NO MORE. #3  In #1 (above) mentioned you praying for a ‘Spiritual’ Giant (& him appreciating it). Sadly, the guy who sees himself as a ‘Spiritual’ Giant but is *selling-for-more-than-he’s-worth, may not like it that you (an ordinary christian) are praying for him (in his imagined “elevated” state). Pray on. And pray for any nationally known (or internationally known) person you feel lead to pray for. – 11/14/22


Ole Achan saw.  Coveted.  Took.

Became a bad name in the Good Book.

Coveting is against God’s law;

Though the sin was *not  that he saw.

Watch – Don’t take that SECOND look.  Jos 7,

– eab,  11/20/05 

That “special event” you attended – you tried to imagine it a “worship time” but a sinner attending might have seen it as entertainment (Pardon me, they may be nearer right than you are) – who really was “center”? Who/what was the main attraction? Did you leave with a wonderful sense of *How *Glorious *Is *God? Or were your thoughts more focused on some human? Some “talent”? Please Friend, attend no “event” which is earthy or man-centered. Be preparing for the Greatest EVENT in the skies. Be ready. – 11/19/22

Psa 85. 8

“I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people

& to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.

“The devil is not fighting religion. He’s too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.” 

– Vance Havner

THE RACE  1. The human race can be conceptualized as a long intermittent series of births stretching back across the far horizon. It can also be seen as beautiful scenes of June (or other months) weddings in little chapels or under summer shade trees, in huge old churches or on sandy beeches. And the same human train can be witnessed as a bevy of burials; old men & old women being bid a final “goodbye” by their last remaining families – the living parting ways with the dead. – 11/20/22

“…We are…told in the Scriptures…men will…heap to themselves teachers to tickle their ears. We live in an epidemic of this itch…popular preachers have developed ‘ear-tickling’ into a fine art.”

– Vance Havner

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