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Psa 90.12 +

Psa 90.12

“So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

“A religion, even popular Christianity, could enjoy a boom altogether divorced from the transforming power of the Holy Spirit & so leave the church of the next generation worse off…”

– A W Tozer

Have you made an alphabetical list of things for which you Thank God? A’s, B’s, & even Q’s (“quiche” “quiet” & “quails” are possibilities) but Z? Well, be thankful for “zebras” (‘horse wrapped in a ribbon’), “zucchini” (stewed, fried, even in a cake) & “zero” (exact place you want your debts to rest). – 11/18/22

“…That word perfection never meant a spiritual terminal point nor a state of purity that made watchfulness & prayer unnecessary.  Exactly the opposite.

– A W Tozer


Those of you writing fake;

“News,” that’s not quite true.

Remember there’s a God above

Who’s displeased with the lot of you.

He knows that you have lied

And – – – if you don’t decide

To confess (& that with speed)

And to His Bible take true heed

In hell, you’ll have to reside.

– eab, 11/21/19  

THE RACE  2. If the above three columns are all, if they represent the sum of life, there’s a nearly unbearable sadness. Thank God, in family after family, there’s a fourth (if truly raked; a First) event: conversation from sinnerhood to sainthood. It’s always post birth, occurs sometimes before marriage, sometimes after, & always before death. Men/women via prayer & faith become children of the King of kings. Oh, Thank God, for every time this episode happens. Have you been Born Again? – 11/20/22 

“This frightening hour calls aloud for men with the gift of prophetic insight. 

Instead we have men who conduct surveys, polls & panel discussions.”

– A W Tozer

The ugliest thing that can happen in a home is not death. Death is ugly; mighty Ugly. No, the ugliest thing that can happen in a home is divorce. AND you, selfish wife, you, selfish husband, are “in charge” of divorce. God allows death; it must come. You allow divorce; it does not have to come. Fight for your marriage. Pray for your marriage. Be willing to apologize that it survive. Ask God to pour more love in your heart for your husband/wife. Bite your tongue. Allow God to purify your heart. – 11/21/22

Mar 10.9

“What therefore God hath joined together

let not man put asunder.”

It is said that Wm Turner (in a 1545 work) said, “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.” If you want to know the direction a man – or movement – is headed, watch. (Don’t commit to follow or support anyone without a period of observation.) Sooner or later you’ll find another man (or movement) which you have previous measured, join them (or rarely) oppose them. Reminder – Jesus Christ didn’t hold a Joint Ministerial with Pharisees NOR Saducees. Follow His example. – 11/21/22 

“…Let us beware of that imitation faith which is no more than a mental assent to truth…

 True faith invariably brings a witness.”

– A W Tozer

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