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Psa 91.1 +

Psa 91.1

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

“God never promises a reward for those who give away their money after they are dead

& gone.  Why should they be rewarded for that which they cannot help doing?”

– Oswald J Smith

God wants to direct your life & if you will live for Him, He (Who only has the power to do this) will grant you Eternal Life, i.e. eternity with Him, the Source of Life. satan, by horrible contrast, wants to ruin your life. If you & I are stupid enough to listen to satan, he knows you’ll have Eternal Death. satan is already damned (has been since he fell – Christ said, “…I beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven”(Luk 10.18). O, my friend, let Jesus direct your every move: day & night. – 11/19/22

“The United States spent more on gum in one year

than she spent on Missions.

– Oswald J Smith

Please pray that your wife (husband) love God with all her/his heart. Please pray for children & the children of your children. Pray for others (kin or no kin) as they cross your mind. However; allow me to be perfectly frank with you. There is no person – please hear this – No Person for whom you are more responsible than You. See to it Today, that you are clear, 100% clear with God. You can be. You ought to be. Being right with Christ should be the top priority of this day. MAKE IT SO. – 11/21/22


Bronze man standing plum and tall,

To his back, a square, squat, squaw;

On her back, in his round rack

Sat a silent papoose – fat.

These three specimens, native race,

Came on that day face to face,

With Christian man, and Christian grace.

– eab,  11/26/69

Dear Phillip & Heather, give our “greetings” (again) to Leo & Caro.  Please express to them that it was a pleasure to have met them on Bodmann but that this time was better. I was happy Phillip had Leo pray for the Thanksgiving dinner & for the depth & breadth of his prayer. I enjoyed learning details of his dad (sorry for his sad times) & seeing a bit of China & Taiwan “thru his eyes.” It was also interesting to hear his insights into Africa. And thanks for the Argentinan picture frame. Wishing them safe travels. – 11/26/22

Psa 30.4

“Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his

& give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

“The truest end of life

is to know that life never ends.” 

– Wm Penn

Thank you Phillip, Heather, & children, for the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with you. The house in which you make your home is unique; unique in its hillside location, unique in its “boondocks” setting & unique in its floor-plan. Thank you, Phillip, for your delicious turkey. Thank you, Heather, for your tasty pies & other foods. Thank you, children for your various helps pre-dinner, during, & post-dinner. Thank you “Babe” for the sweet potatoes. And – better than good food – thanks for the fellowship. – 11/26/22

“If men be good,

governments cannot be bad.”

– Wm Penn

[1] I assigned my HSBC students (had class ON Thanksgiving Day that year) to write a Thanksgiving poem; this is what I wrote during the time they were writing. 

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