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Psa 91.2 +

Psa 91.2

“I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge & my fortress

my God; in him will I trust.”

“Sanctified people need to remember that the spirit of heaviness

is entirely compatible with the spirit of holiness.” 

– C W Ruth

MARRIAGE. At one time, most churches & many states encouraged marriage; one man with one wife. Divorce was frowned on by both organizations & actually forbidden by multiple houses of worship. Marriage was to last until either man or wife expired. Both organizations approved of solid marriages; they make strong churches & sturdy countries. Christ didn’t accept divorce (except as seen in Mat 5.32, 19.9) & He never approved of a subsequent marriage. Fornication isn’t marriage. – 11/18/22

“They [the world] say ‘We go to the theatre, play cards, dance,

go to football games, horse races etc. etc. & so do your church members.

– C W Ruth


I’ve noticed one thing as I traverse the earth,

With its tears, and smiles, sorrows, and mirth,

That the steps we leave in snow and sand,

When reviewed at a stop, help us understand

The wanderings and achievements of man.

That man’s acts, though small and erased by time,

For a moment and mile appear sublime;

But wind and wave leave the print no more,

For man is a spirit, on eternity’s shore.

– eab,  11/27/70

Want a new (A few of you may’ve already enjoyed this.) experience? A heightened, Spiritual adventure? Set aside half a morning, go to a private location, come “equipped” with coffee/tea thermos or chilled soft drink, your Bible, & pen/paper or laptop (strictly for notes). As you plan for this rendezvous, pray God to guide you to the right Book. On the right hour, in the right place, with the right Book, have a seat & read an entire Bible Book through At-One-Setting. You will (IMO) be happy you did. – 11/21/22  

“…The larger the treasure in the house

the greater the effort of the thief to break through & steal.”

– C W Ruth

Men, with a heart that wants the world, will marry a woman who’s worldly. A woman in love with the world’s Sights & Sounds is likely to marry a man who soul is attached to earth. This is true for first, legitimate unions & perhaps (if anything) more true for second unions whither lawful (in light Christ’s teachings) or not. Men – be thoroughly Born Again before you get engaged. Women – be all Christ’s – before you agree to be a wife. Marriage Is SUPER Serious! – 11/25/22

Psa 50.14

“Offer unto God thanksgiving;

& pay thy vows unto the most High”

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite special days – – – possibly THE FAVORITE. Why, you might ask? 1.) Its a prime representative of autumn, my choice of the four seasons. 2.) It is an American Holiday – I love the idea of Pilgrims & “Indians” have a meal together – the fact that “new” Americans were friends with “old” Americans. 3.) It is a holiday with an authentic date (neither “christmas” nor “easter” have believable dates). 4.) And, I like both the taste of turkey & the fact it’s an American bird. – 11/26/22 

“It is not the manifestation we want at all

it is Him we want.”

– C W Ruth

[1] Written after being somewhat surprised at seeing my on footsteps in the snow in the West Rushville (Ohio) cemetery. Had gone to my brother’s grave. Consider it one of my better short poems.

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