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Psa 100.1 +

Psa 100.1

“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD,

all ye lands.”

“Grace is but glory begun,

& glory is but grace perfected.”

– Jonathan Edwards

It is impossible for us to fully understand but that God WANTS to be with us. He desires to be our Best Friend; Higher, Better, Closer than an old-high-school chum, than your nearest sibling, Yes, even than your Husband/Wife. If God is already there – That Is Wonderful! If the Lord of Glory is not that close to us – are you ready for this? – it’s not God’s fault. It is our fault – yours & mine. Oh, that you Friend, oh, that I might step closer to The Holy Trinity in the next 24. Dare I say “God is waiting”? – 11/25/22 

The happiness of the creature consists in rejoicing in God,

by which also God is magnified & exalted.

– Jonathan Edwards

Develop (if you already do this, *maintain) a high level of honesty in conversation. Please understand it is not accurate to say, “I’ve done that *countless times.” (You could with little doubt COUNT the number of times that you’ve performed that task.) It’d be better to say, “I’ve done that *numerous times.” That is accurate. Don’t be like the urban legend “parent” who was said to have said, “I’ve told you a 1000 times not to exaggerate.” Honesty in heart should be reflected in our talk – everyday! – 11/28/22


God in His throne above the blue skies,

Has never, never had one(1) surprise.

We are tempted to question,

Maybe offer Him “a suggestion.”  

He knew! Even sees when a sparrow dies.

– eab, 11/28/17

READ IT # 1. It wouldn’t surprise me if several who read (at least glance at) ‘eabits’ have not read your Bible through. If God allows you to live the entire ‘2023’ it would be satisfying to you (IMO) if you could say you’d read God’s Book from “cover to cover.” You should plan to do so. I warn you it is not for sissies. It is not easy to read some genealogy lists. There are other sections which you may find difficult but there are many Bright spots, many Enjoyable passages. I STRONGLY urge you to read. – 11/28/22

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.

“Nothing puts a man so far from the devil’s reach

as humility.” 

– Jonathan Edwards

Without question – absolutely without doubt, the best thing you can BE is a Christian! A Real, a genuine follower of Jesus. Run from falseness. Drop (now!) any empty profession of being a “good” guy/”good” gal. You bro, you sis, need to be all in. Be 100% for Jesus. “I can’t be – I’m resentful.” I appreciate your honesty. But hear me, you can ask this very Christ to forgive your resentment (He can) & ask Him to infill you with Himself (He can do that). Stop playing. Become a True Christian! – 11/28/22

“You can be so sanctified that everyone around you is getting blessed, you aren’t, but it OK.  Or you can be the only one getting blessed & you do not deride them for not being as blessed as you are.”

 – C Ponder Frederick [This is an essence of Frederick’s idea – in Bryan’s words.] 

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