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PSA 100.2 +

Psa 100.2

“Serve the LORD with gladness:

come before his presence with singing.”

[Holiness] breathes in the prophecy, thunders in the law, murmurs in the narrative, whispers in the promises, supplicates in the prayers, resounds in the songs…” (con’t)

– Randolph S Foster

How utterly beautiful all earth must have been “In the beginning.” Man polluted it & God sent a world-wide, world-cleansing flood, known by the name of the survivor God told to build an ark, i.e. Noah’s Flood. The newly washed earth must have again been lovely in its “Born Again” state. Man has polluted earth in many ways & sadly in many locations. Even, however with widely spread sin, there is still a lot of beauty. I thank God for it. OPEN your eyes – Thank the Lord for His pretty earth. – 11/26/22

[Holiness]…sparkles in the poetry, shines in the types, glows in the imagery & burns in the spirit of the whole scheme from alpha to omega.”

– Randolph S Foster


You’ll never know the victory’s glory,

Nor the triumph of ground won,

Till you’ve know the battle “gory,”

Till you’ve fought your way through one.

You’ll never know true lightness of heart,

Nor the face lit up, serene,

Till you’ve know the aching part,

Till you’ve faced the tremor keen.

You’ll never know the beauty of relieve,

Nor prayer’s answering calm,

Till you’ve born the load of grief,

Till you’ve tarried beyond – tarried long.

– eab,  11/29/78

s_nta #1.  I purposely didn’t spell out the name of this falseness but assume you see who I mean. (Neither did I make the “s” a large one; he doesn’t deserve a capital.) Far from original with me; the same letters used to spell “s_nta” are used to spell satan. “Mere coincidence Bryan, mere coincidence.” I’m not so sure. Have nothing to do with either s_nta nor satan. If you’ve already used s_nta in your yard decorations – take him down. That’d be a great testimony to your neighbors. – 11/28/22

“Anything to be a temptation must have a natural power to awaken impulse toward it

& sin does not reside in a mere impulse of nature.”

– Randolph S Foster

READ IT # 2.  January 1 (you pick the yr) has “seen” millions of resolutions. Among those have been sinners & yes, even so-called-saints who’ve said, “I’m going to read the Bible thru this yr.” They started. Then they stopped. They COULD have started again mid-January, or mid-February, even mid-MARCH but they never did. satan doesn’t want you to Read the Bible. It will take a degree of manhood/ womanhood to push aside the obstacles but YOU can do this. Be. Disciplined. Be. Determined. – 11/28/22

Exo 20.4

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”

Some souls are sidetracked into images (real or imaginary) or into numbers (actual or binary). Even those who not fully sidetracked are too interested in words more as vehicles of art or as *art itself, than for the word’s worth. They’re caught up in size of letters, their color or font. The WORD is what matters! What does it mean? What does it mean in this context? What does (should) it mean to me & to men or culture around me? Life is in the Word – “the Word of Life” (1Jo 1.1). Don’t be sidetracked. – 11/29/22

“It is both his most sacred duty &

his most exalted privilege to be a completely holy man.”

– Randolph S Foster

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