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Psa 100.3 +

Psa 100.3

“Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us

& not we ourselves; we are his people & the sheep of his pasture.”

“Preachers are not sermon makers

but men makers.”

– E M Bounds

READ IT # 3. In “Read It #1” I mentioned “genealogy lists” “other sections.” In 1995 I taught a short-term class in Kiev. Among the pleasures of that trip were meeting Bro Sam Lindahl & his family. He was likable & had a good mind. Sam read (if I understood correctly) the Bible in 6 different portions every day. I didn’t ask for details nor his reasons (that I recall now) but I wonder if one of his reasons was to make it easier to wad through some hard-to-read areas. You might try reading *in 2,4, even 6 Books each day. – 11/28/22 

“Preachers who are great thinkers, great students must be the greatest prayers

or else they will be the greatest of backsliders, heartless professionals.”

– E M Bounds


If there’s a rough sinner you wish to see,

Far removed from you in eternity,

Be forewarned; they probably will not be.

For when he’s received from God what he ought,

And it comes to light, that you loved him not;

BOTH will be lost, whom Christ’s great blood had bought.

– eab,  12/1/06

You choose to own or not own a Bible. [There are many lands where owning a Bible is illegal.] You choose to read your Bible or not read It. [There are souls without that choice; being blind would be a strong reason.] You choose to read your Bible everyday (or less). You choose to read a chapter a day (or more). You choose to read the Bible with a ravish hunger for Truth, or read it as a Classic Book of Great Literature, or even read It to pick or disagree with It. Please READ the Bible AND read it right. – 11/29/22

“The prayer which gives color & bent to character is no pleasant, hurried pastime. 

Prayer is a most serious work of our most serious years.”

– E M Bounds

WHY THE RING? #1. This is NOT written to offend. Please Try to understand. If You (a ring wearer) or You (who refuse to oppose rings) would Be willing to find a comfortable chair, Be willing to put on your “thinking cap” Be willing to slip into an agreeable mood – I want to ask you a question – Why the ring? Some relatives wear rings, some former students (I’ve taught in Christian schools) & some former parishioners (I’ve only pastored holiness groups) wear these – Why? Don’t answer here, THINK. – 11/30/22 

1Ti 6.9

“But they that will be rich fall into temptation & a snare

& into many foolish & hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction & perdition.”

Why do you want to be rich? Why would ANYONE want to be rich? “And having food & raiment let us be therewith content”(1Ti 6.8) was penned by Paul. Do we follow get-rich-quick-schemes of modernity, Or the simple, sound advice of a sainted apostle? Gold should not be eaten! Gold does not make you warm wearing it (I’m guessing, I don’t wear any. J). Gold or its cheap substitutes, are simply means of exchange. Food you need. Water you need. Gold you do not need. Remember that. – 12/1/22

“…The whole man aflame with love, with desire for more faith,

more prayer, more zeal, more consecration – this is the secret of power.”

– E M Bounds

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