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Psa 103.1 +

Psa 103.1

“Bless the LORD, O my soul & all that is within me

 bless his holy name.”

1. “O for a closer walk with God,  A calm and heavenly frame,
    A light to shine upon the road  That leads me to the Lamb!”

– William Cowper

What are we – careful living people – thinking? Or ARE we thinking? We pay money. We travel distances. We join in the atmosphere of modernistic “christian singer” entertainment (almost impossible to not have it rub-off on you). What message does this give our very impressionable child? Does he now perceive 2 levels of “christians”? Your child can see her cut hair, can see the singer’s ring, can hear the music (with worldly beat). You may be responsible for your child’s confusion, even lost soul. – 12/3/22

3. “What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!  How sweet their memory still!
    But they have left an aching void   The world can never fill.”

– William Cowper

A guy/gal can be accounted “great” at times because of how near they were to a king, a leader in God’s work or academia, or near an influential person. “He/she rode with So-n-So.” “They ate at the ‘X’ with What’s-his-Name” etc. If this is true for mere humans, it is SO much more true about the man/maid who is a Servant of the Most High Lord. To have been God’s faithful servant in your area, in your era, to have carried the burden, done the work He wanted, is a distinct honor. Be God’s servant! – 12/6/22

Love defined

Having never been to heaven

We can only try to imagine

The splendor upon splendor our Lord left behind

To descend to be a Man

(For such was God’s blest plan)

The act was infinitely beyond the word “kind.”

Descend, ah, what a word

For the coming of our Lord

Come, descend to earth (raw-to-the-rind)

But come down, He grandly did

Defeating satan’s Edenic bid

A descent beyond which man can wrap his mind.

It’s doubtful He came in December

(It’s only a time to remember)

Christ came (unlike us) knowing what He’d find.

He found man lame and ill

Filled with pride and black self-will

He found him physically and spiritually blind.

But, O Friend, He had a cure

For all sinners ever endure.

Birth, Boyhood, then His plan began to unwind

Grow, Friend, beyond His birth

Beyond His ministry on earth

Seek for your life, His holy mind.

Believe His words in Revelation

Make Christ your fullest expectation.

He is Love eternal, yes, Love defined.

– eab, 12/8/14

Oh, how I appreciate ladies who have long hair. The nature color of their hair is irrelevant: blond, brown, brunette, red, strawberry blond, or gray, “salt & pepper,” white. Love to see their uncut glory; if young perhaps cascading down her back, if too long (to be practical) or if perhaps too old for that to be fully appropriate, up in a form which complements her face shape. CAUTION. Please mothers (& others) do not encourage too much time in attention-getting (& therefore) Pride Provoking over-dos. – 12/7/22

1Co 11.15

“…If a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her:

for her hair is given her for a covering.

4. “Return, O holy Dove, return,   Sweet messenger of rest!
   I hate the sins that made Thee mourn  And drove Thee from my breast.” 

– William Cowper

When you’re scheduled to meet someone Great you are smart to find out about Him; find out All you can. If He is not only very wise but also extremely powerful, then how much more smart (on your part) to read up (no “videos” available – unless “a vision” comes directly from Him) on His wealth, His “strong points” & Yes, His expectations;  What may He expect of you? It’s not foolish – – – It’s very intelligent to get ready to meet GOD. Be wise, Friend “…Prepare to meet thy God…”(Amo 4.12). Today. – 12/8/22

6. “So shall my walk be close with God,  Calm and serene my frame;
   So purer light shall mark the road   That leads me to the Lamb.”

– William Cowper

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