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PSA 150.6 +

Psa 150.6

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

Praise ye the LORD.” >> last v, last Psa <<

“Christians are to reform the world

not be deformed by it.”

– J A Wood

LADIES #5 “Too strong Bryan, too strong – I know a pastor’s wife who worked outside the home & all their daughters are christians.” If you know an exception to Paul’s pennings, be man enough to admit it is just that, an exception – Not. The. Rule. And (may sound negative here) because the “exception you know” appears OK now, is no sign “trouble is not brewing.” Strive to conform to the teachings of the Bible on the home. It’s impossible to “improve” on God’s Word. Again I end: Be “keepers at home”( Tit 2.5). -12/20/22


is simply completeness.

– J A Wood

PRAYER LIFE # 2. You can become a better prayer AND – allow the teacher/preacher in me (plus that % that’s dad & gramp) to suggest – you can at the same time improve your knowledge of geography. Pray about (& also listen to your personal interests) choosing an entire Continent upon which to focus prayer. 1.) This could be everyday. 2.) This could be 3 days a week. 3.) Or select a day in which you have extra time & pray for that continent once a week. Pray the Lord…to send Laborers to that land mass. – 1/1/23


You knew the name; they once roamed the earth.

Known as scholars, known as saints

Known as giants of strength or amassed worth.

Now – only old folks know their name.

History moves on, the “famous” name faints.

O, Friend, do not live for this earth’s fame.

Sinners may ALL be unknown, unnamed in hell.

Holy names are written Above; they with God dwell.

– eab,  1/2/23

A number of God’s creatures receive no nurture from a “mother.” Others are by her side mere weeks/months. Those are His critters. To His prime, earthly Creation He grants 14,16,18 years. You read that right, years. Dad/Mom you have years to form that boy into a Godly man – do your dead-level best. Do not fail this: your FIRST job. Mom/Dad you have years to make that little girl into a lady who loves the Lord – be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit & do not miss this once-in-a-life-time opportunity. – 1/2/23 

Gen 3.20

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve;

because she was the mother of all living.

“Holiness promotes human happiness by affording

a true estimate & interpretation of the ills of life.” 

– J A Wood

“Jobs” preformed by dogs: A. Airport runway safety, B. Bird hunter, bed-bugs (sniff out), C. Coon dog, cattle dog, cancer detection, D. Drug sniffing, detect insects harming valuable books, E. Electronic device detection, F. Fire dog, G. Guard dog, H. Hearing dogs, J. Junkyard guard, L. Life guard, P. Police dog, R. Rescue (Alps), rat terriers, S. Seeing-eye, sled dogs, sheep dog, T. Tracking, truffle sniffing, W. Wagon /cart puller, whale (scat) smeller. Does your dog WORK for you or, is he a free-loader? – 1/2/23

“…Infirmities of the mind are many in this life even in the holiest…There is weakness of understanding, slowness of apprehension, frailty of memory, irregular imagination, & imperfect judgment.”

– J A Wood

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