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Rom 1.16 +

Rom 1.16

“…I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation

to every one that believeth; to the Jew first & also to the Greek.”

“A little knowledge makes men irreligious but

profound thought brings them back to God.”

– Francis Bacon

NEEDS #1. Your greatest need today is God. If your sins are all forgiven & the Holy Ghost abides in you, you with God’s help can live. Or with His help, you can die. It really doesn’t make a huge difference. (I know, some of us feel like we want to live for the sake of a wife, dependent child, aged parent but have faith that God can be with them, if He takes you to heaven.) Read God’s Bible. Pray. Keep clear with all humans (those who like you AND those who don’t). “Looking unto Jesus…” – 12/31/22

“Writing makes an exact man.”

– Francis Bacon, >> eab urges YOU. Write!<<

Lead to Worship

Men who feel quite adequate

To tell you which “i” to dot,

To tell you what you are to do – not;

Ought also to be able

To tell you how humbly to praise,

How in quietude and true gratitude

You should voice and hands raise.

We lack not for “liners up,”

And men who love that line,

We need men who will lead to worship

Men who live and love in the divine.

Oh, may the incense of my heart

Toward heaven daily depart!

– eab,  1/3/07

NEEDS #2. There may be (IMO) “rough water” ahead – perhaps the roughest any human alive as seen. Needs #1 (above) dealt very briefly with the soul; allow posts to touch on the body. You need WATER, I hope you’ve already, today, had 2-3 glasses, I have. In case of emergency your very first need is clean drinking water. Save clean glass jugs for it. Store cleaned out heavy plastic containers of it (better than thin milk-jugs). Even use rinsed out coke bottles. Keep stored water in shady spot. Drink water! – 12/31/22

“They that deny a God

destroy man’s nobility.”

– Francis Bacon

It could be argued that you, retaining friendships with old friends who’ve shifted to the left, is admirable. I can see a little of that. But – – – may I ring a bell? Sound a warning? Your h.s./college buddies dress like the world & have “gods” from sports & hollywood. You’ll have to be strong to not slide down to their level. If you know one is coming, I urge you have a special prayer for anointing on your soul & for wisdom to know how to speak for Jesus. They need to leave with a HUNGER to know Him! – 1/2/23

Jam 4.4

“Know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?

whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

God allowed me to learn under a few good men (some from a teacher’s desk, some from a sacred desk, 1 or 2 perhaps behind neither) but with due respect to both brains & holy boldness, I’ve never known anyone who understood God. Oh, probably Bro ‘X’ grasped more of this “trait” of the Lord, & Bro ‘Y’ more of that “attribute” but none understood the Almighty. Despair? No. Not in the least. I’m glad we have a God who is beyond, far beyond, human comprehension. I love our Magnificent Maker! – 1/3/23

“Prosperity is the blessing

of the Old Testament.”

– Francis Bacon

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