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Rom 3.23 +

Rom 3.23

“For all have sinned &

come short of the glory of God;”

“The simplest way to live more than an average life

is to add an hour to the fresh end of the day.”

– Bruce  Barton

NEEDS #3. Food may have popped into your head before water. You can probably live weeks off of the fat you have but, of course, you need a supply of grub. Store foods in mouse-proof tins or very heavy plastic. (Clean out the tin popcorn, caramel corn came in, leave sugar/flour in its own bag & make sure lid is tight. Search for foods (which you like) that last MONTHS without refrigeration. Buy an extra 2 when you shop. Store in cool but DRY spot. Try to rotate foods marking a date when bought. – 12/31/22


a picture in the first sentence…”

– Bruce  Barton


The world has its carnival, circus, and fair,

And, sadly, many church folk go out there,

Or, worse, try to bring these in here.

Where, oh, where is our Godly fear?

– eab,  1/5/17

NEEDS #4. Have a pair (or 2) of old shoes which look terrible but are comfy? Keep them. Have an old coat which is worn but not worn-out? Keep it. Same is true for socks, gloves, hats, underwear – I know it sounds very negative but a time may come when some clothing is not, hear it, NOT available (at any price or at a price you can afford). Also keep army blankets, old quilts, thick blankets to pile on the bed – if your heat is gone (or rationed) your body’ll produce some in bed, if you have enough covers. – 12/31/22 

“…The greatest poem ever written consists of one hundred & eighty-eight words.

It is the Twenty-Third Psalm.”

– Bruce  Barton

You’ve surely noticed, by now, that H eaven & H ell begin with the same letter. Imagine a classroom. The teacher writes a huge ‘H’ on the whiteboard. It could be written with a smile on his face – you think he’s “starting” Heaven. (Not necessarily. If there’s ONE THING – you need to remember about satan it’s that he’s a liar.) Or the H might be written very artistically. Again, that is surely no proof he is starting to write Heaven. Many artsy folk (sadly) are in hell. Don’t, Friend, be deceived. – 1/5/23

Mat 7.14

“Because strait is the gate & narrow is the way,

which leadeth unto life & few there be that find it.”

A church is not suited financially nor should it be staffed, to provide “entertainment.” You can’t hope to compare with the glitz which gushes out of hollywood – – – nor should a church IN ANY WAY try. The True Church of Christ has HIM to offer to a world sinking in fun, frolic, festivals & foolishness. We don’t need pastors shaving their heads at the end of a “contest” or someone cutting his tie short, or being dumped in a barrel of water. “Cheap” is nearly too light a word for such. We need men of God!!! – 1/5/23

“All achieving characters

have a sublime disregard of criticism.”

– Bruce  Barton

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