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Rom 4.20 +

Rom 4.20 

“He [Abraham] staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief;

but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;”

“Sanctification requires no

greater degree of faith than justification.”

– J A Wood

Do YOU know how to save? Save what? Well, one can save time. One can save $. One can save clothing. One can save fuel. One can save food. One can save heat. It is a good idea to know how to save almost everything. (Splurge in loving & obeying God!) “Waste not, Want not” is not in the Bible, per se, but it’s very Christian to not waste life or valuable life-resources. YOU – stop wasting. Teach your child (or grandchild) to not waste. Help neighbors to not waste. ’23 will be better if you are Frugal! – 1/2/23  

“We have records of professions of perfect love in all the journals of the old Methodists

…the golden pot of Methodist biography is brimful of the manna of sanctified experience.

– J A Wood

Your Prayer Closet does not have to have 4 walls or even 3. For weeks I prayed behind a hillside of trees in western Blount County, seeking God’s will for our future in fall of 1984. If you to NOT have a place where you & God can be alone, where your prayers are unheard by human ear, I strongly urge you to get a “closet” today. If you live in a temperate climate you may also be able to pray outdoors; or pray outside then move inside to an equally private spot. The church NEEDS your prayers !!! – 1/3/23


Thank you Lord for shoes and sox.

Thank you for my house – a live-in box

Thank you pheasants, ‘specially colorful cocks

Thank you the wildness of regal fox

Thank you for accuracy in fine clocks

Thank you for the ability to de-tox.

Thank you for door and keyed, complicated locks

Thank you missionaries – Ted and Nola Haux

Thank you for bricks; man-made building blocks

Thank you I’m over childhood chicken-pox

Thank you for contents in dairy-farm crocks.

– eab,       1/6/11

O God, give us men who are not preaching what a carnal congregation wants but who preach as the Holy Spirit requires. O God, give us young men & middle-aged men who are 1.) Dead to sports (both playing & watching, 2.) Dead to expensive cars & jacked-up pick-ups, 3.) Dead to excessive hunting/fishing but who frequent their Prayer Closets. O, how we need Revival in America. – Jan. ‘23

Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end,

that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

“…Perfect love excluding hatred, perfect faith excluding unbelief, perfect humility excluding pride,

perfect meekness excluding anger, perfect patience excluding impatience…” 

– J A Wood

HOBBY #1. Having a hobby is (IMO) not wrong, provided IT’S NOT WRONG. Some benefit from a good one. [Depending on “definition” most of us have a “hobby.”] Be sure, Sir, Ma’am, that you Own the hobby – & the hobby doesn’t Own you! There’re dangers with hobbies (as with nearly all earth things). Watch that you don’t spend too much money. “Oh, I don’t; everything I collect I get ‘free’ or I don’t get it.” Good. But – – – did you drive 99 miles (Gas? Lunch? Motel?) to get it? Hello!?!  J – 1/6/23

“…Conscious confidence (faith)

& conscious rebellion cannot co-exist.”

– J A Wood

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