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Rom 8.6 +

Rom 8.6

“For to be carnally minded is death; but

to be spiritually minded is life & peace.”

“The purpose of God is not to make you happy;

The purpose of God is to make you holy.”

– V O Agan

The KJV is the best Literature in our language. It contains the most widely known stories across the world. The Bible’s Prose is without comparison. Many stories are found in the Old Testament. Fewer & less biographical prose is in the New Testament – the exception is the “Life of Christ.” Oh, the richness & variety of Biblical Prose! The Bible has the most memorized Poetry on earth. Most do not rhyme but are non-the-less poetic in Wording & Imagery. Read the Bible as Literature – but It’s So Much More. – 1/9/23

“Who is it that loves God & does not

wish to love Him with all the heart?

– V O Agan

Everything below us (using “below” here to refer to damnation) is absolutely horrible. 1.) Image (if you will) the most horrible scene your eyes have ever been forced to witness. 2.) Add to this the worst noise (may or may not have been connected to #1) you ever had to endure. 3.) Now add to #1 & 2, the most repugnant odor you’ve had to endure. 4.) Know, of course, that hell has no water, so thirst is intense & it’s a place of fire. Oh, Friend, avoid hell at all costs. You can! Please act TODAY. 1/15/23


A lone walnut chanced to drop upon the sod alone,

Where it seemed to lie and simply rot, quietly, forlorn.

Its form was changed, its symmetry gone.

Its kernel worthless to eat,

What an untimely end thus to meet.

Deep inside its little heart new life was beginning,

Oh, for a fresh start (another “game” – not a new inning).

A root from it ranged, a shoot saw the dawn,

A tree, from apparent loss;

Victory is always worth the cross.

– eab,  1/16/78

Mr Z-1 may have had a quirk (with a capital “Q”) but God saw his heart was truly right with Him. If we knew Z-1 was in heaven we might think we had to imitate (or even “ramp-up”) his quirk. No. God wants YOU to be YOU, not a newer/lesser version of Z-1. There’s a real danger in mimicking people – even the one we see as a saint. God doesn’t want us to know that Z-1 is in heaven – – – God wants us to follow CHRIST. Today. Tomorrow. Every day, on the trail we have still ahead of us. – 1/16/23

Rev 20.14

“And death & hell were cast into the lake of fire.

This is the second death.

If you don’t have a hungering for holiness

you have reason to question your relationship with God.” 

– V O Agan

Mr Z-2 may be in hell but his profession as a “christian preacher” “christian athlete” “christian comedian” “christian singer” “christian entertainer” “christian missionary” or “christian ventriloquist” may have fooled many – too many. God wants us to follow Christ, His Son. As we walk with Jesus He can teach us to discern. “…Discern between the righteous & the wicked, between him that serveth God & him that serveth him not”(Mal 3.18). satan has those who will fool us, if we are fool-able. – 1/16/23

“It is absolutely wrong to pray about

something you already know is wrong.”

– V O Agan

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