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Rom 8.28 +

Rom 8.28

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

“If you reject truth & won’t believe the truth

what else [can] you believe but a lie.”

– V O Agan

WORSE & WORSE #4. Please open you eyes. Pray for, but do not financially (or any other way) support a man who is failing to preach/live Holiness. Do not send your child to a school which – tho claiming to stand for Heart Purity has staff who are impure. Stop backing any mission org whose missionaries or board members are compromising on either the doctrines of holiness or the clarion lines of male/female roles, or the modesty/simplicity of either. satan is deceiving whom he can. Don’t be deceived. – 1/11/23          

“You can tell a false prophet not so much

by what he preaches as by what he doesn’t preach.

– V O Agan

WHO IS IN HEAVEN? #1 “Mrs X is in heaven.” “Miss Y is now on streets of gold.” “Mr Z is with Jesus.” Let me discourage you from making such statements – frankly, the Lord has chosen to hide THAT GATE from human (on earth) view. They maybe there & let’s hope (if they were 100% sincere) that they are. But “them” being there is – being brutally frank – not relevant. If the funeral home picks up *your body today ARE YOU ready for heaven? That, friend is THE QUESTION!!!  – Jan. 2023

BODY – SOUL      

You have no control over how you were made,

Not the size, not the shape, not the shade.

But within every man, his child, and his mate,

(I do not lie nor exaggerate.)

There lives an eternal, hopeful, soul,

Over which you have *full control.  

Because God loved you, and loves you still,

He’s shared God-likeness – the free will.

You and you alone can choose,

If heaven you gain or heaven you lose,

God made the way (it’s called the Cross),

Yet He allows you to be your own “boss.”

Your soul can be big, as big as you desire;

It can be cold, or, filled with holy fire.

Your soul can be all healthy and wise,

(It’s the real you – not your suit size)

Or your soul can be white, it can be black.

It can be pure or any “soul-purity” lack.

So, though you wish yourself tall or short,

Or wish that you had some different sort

Of body, in which this earth to roam,

Remember the soul’s shape is yours to form.

Make it big, brother, sister, and brightly pure.

You control your eternal destiny, for sure.

– eab, uncertain mo./day, 2014

SIDE TRACKED? [A.] Passenger trains were part of life up into the 50s & 60s – no, not the cute little trains in zoos, nor the tourist-spot trains with a mile or two of track – real trains. There might be many rails side-by-side-by-side near a station but as the rails stretched out across western plain there’d be one – ONE, set of tracks. In the right location you could see them for miles, heading toward the setting sun.  The only way the train got from A to B was to stay on that main line. Sidings got you nowhere. – 1/17/23

Rev 1.18 

“I am he that liveth & was dead; & behold, I am alive for evermore,

Amen; & have the keys of hell & of death.

“Christians never meet for the last time.” 

– V O Agan

HELL [A.] I don’t necessarily want to write about it. You, understandably, may not want to read about it, but permit these posts. Hell is in the Bible; 54 times by that name (perhaps more under another title). The Greatest Expounder of Truth, Jesus Christ repeatedly referred to Hell. He knew it was real. The Lord wanted us to know Hell is real. If you’re so unwise as to say, “I don’t believe in Hell” you are in for a horrible awakening BUT an awakening which will be too late. At all costs avoid Hell. – 1/18/23

“You lose your world citizenship

in the process of being sanctified.”

– V O Agan

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