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Rom 14.7 +

Rom 14.7

“For none of us liveth to himself,

& no man dieth to himself.”

“A worthy leader knows how to listen…The leader also should enjoy every minute.

In a high sense, being happy is the minister’s chief business here below…”

– Andrew W Blackwood

There was a time sweet “joy bells” rang in your soul. You recall a time you enjoyed reading parts of the New Testament & took them literally. You once prayed so earnestly that tears found their way onto the floor below you. Sir. Ma’am. I call you back to that time in your life. I call you BACK right now. Stop denying that “Old Time Religion” is real. Stop trying to deceive yourself inside your modernistic “community-center” house you mis-label a church. Return to the God of the Bible! Come Back. – 1/18/23

“Preach damnation

with the cross in the center.

– Wm Booth, quotedby Andrew Blackwood

Carnality can build religious structures (both on paper & on the ground) & too often has. Carnality can paint pictures or chisel statues of “saints” & too often has. Carnality can screech strings, blast horns, sing outstanding notes & too often has. Carnality can even bring “onezy, twozy, threezy” respectable “sermon” outlines & often has. Only God – in cooperation with dead-to-this-world-saints, can bring a Spiritual Awakening. “O God, lay Your hand on Preacher & Pray-ers again. Please do it Lord.” – 1/20/23

You’re old?

You’re old?  “It’s in your head,”

Methuselah might have said,

Who lived nine centuries, sixty-nine.

Your age is but a fraction of that line.

His age, though quite large to us,

Was neither a minus nor a plus

To God, our illustrious Ancient of Days,

Who’s lived forever, yet is Young. Always.

– eab,   1/22/13

TV? NO!  [A.]  For a yr (after we’d been married a few months) I wasn’t a Bible college student. We could’ve bought a TV, started going to theaters, become hooked by sports – we were on our own – our own bosses. God was faithful & we did none of these. I’m so thankful. The TV is funneling hollywood /disney/ cheap “evangelicalism” garbage into your home. Throw the TV out. Stop watching movies; the “best” (WHO’s judging?) are a waste of time. Stop your addiction to sports. Become A Christian. – 1/23/23

Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth,

will draw all men unto me.

“One is tempted to have 3 little introductions before one starts to preach.

But it is a safe rule to have only one front porch for any one house.” 

– Andrew W Blackwood

Opposites attract  [A.] That probably sounds familiar & you may’ve found it accurate. A quiet wife/husband marries an outgoing mate. Two business partners may be very different in personalities. Does this truth carry over into the Spiritual realm? Yes. The soul who is *tired of his sinful life may be attracted to the neighbor, fellow worker, family member who lives a life of constant victory over sin. Be true, Friend; “…Be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might”(Eph 6.10). Be attractive. – 1/24/23

“What one does well one learns to enjoy,

& what one enjoys one is sure to do well.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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