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Rom 15.4 +

Rom 15.4

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning

that we through patience & comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

“The ideal minister…is one who has set his heart upon being a daily student of the Bible, a living example of what it means & a popular teacher of what it says”

– Andrew W Blackwood

O that men & women would be saved FROM sin. It’s nice for a congregation to help the family whose house burned last night. It’s nice for the preacher (or wife) to buy a meal for the down&out guy (or gal). It’s nice for well-to-do folks to pay a month’s rent for the poorest family in the church. However, never assume that the primary mission of a church is social. We need a fresh awareness that our main influence should be a Spiritual Awaking. Well-fed (etc.) folks still go to hell. They must be SAVED. – 1/23/23 

“…Christian pastor…wishes… every home in the parish would have its daily altar, that every member of the congregation would have daily private devotions & that everyone would learn how to enjoy reading the Bible.

– Blackwood

TV? NO!  [B.] In the 50’s & 60s “the no TV stance” was not just holiness churches. There were evangelical groups, the Plain Folk, other thinking people who held out against TV [1] &/or movies. Many did so because of partial nudity, idolization of smoking/drinking/gambling. Others saw it as frivolous (it definitely is). Few of us, religious or not, realized that TV (& later computers/smart phones) would begin to “Watch Us.” Get rid of TV to clean up your home & to increase (IMO) privacy. – 1/23/23


Man lays a track across the earth

And imagines himself quiet grand.

Or builds a skyscraper of large worth

Proud of it’s solid, stately stand.

Man drills a hole a few miles deep

Trying to break through an imaginary crust.

Or sends up rockets – far from cheap

Which splash back into sea or earth’s dust.

Man plods or runs, flies high or long sails

An “ant” on an acre of a vast ranch in sod

And thinks he acts grand, imagines he prevails.

Yet leaves no bold marks on the plain of God.


Man-made entertainment draws attention to a man (or group of humans). Sinners “live” off the applause, hype, the acclaim. Sadly, christian “entertainers” – yes, that’s what too many traveling “christian” singers are, also unless they are very, repeat very, careful feed off the clapping, the pictures (& pic signing), the ratings. God, who should be glorified, is pushed to the side of the stage. And yes, again that too times it is, a stage, & a performance, rather than a platform & worship of the Almighty. – Jan 2023  

Gen 8.1

“And God remembered Noah & every living thing & all the cattle that was with him

in the ark: & God made a wind to pass over the earth & the waters asswaged;

“In Christ a person loses none of his individuality;

rather he becomes the true self that God created him to be.” 

– Andrew W Blackwood

Reminder. [A.] God sends the slight (& Oh, so welcome) breeze as you’re baling hay. The Lord sends a stronger breeze, cooling summer nights. The Almighty sends the wind bearing the rain & He sends the stiff winds before winter storms. The tornadoes come from God’s “wind closet,” as do twisters (by differing labels man calls them). Increase the strength, magnify the size of the windy power, it still has One Source.  For all man thinks he can do, he can’t create one(1) natural wind. WIND all belongs to God. – 1/26/23

“…Righteousness emphasizes the right relationship with one’s fellow man

while holiness emphasizes the right relationship with God.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

[1] It may not have been true, but I heard that JFK & Jackie, back then, wouldn’t allow their children to watch TV.

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