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1Co 2.2 +

1Co 2.2

“For I determined not to know any thing among you

save Jesus Christ, & him crucified.”

“This spirit of forgiveness must work easily readily & without effort

no matter what the offense may be nor how often it has been committed.”

– T M Anderson

Home school has the Perfect Lab. It’s called The Kitchen. I’d much rather eat the “compounds” derived from a kitchen than from the best lab at the largest university. Homeschooling Dad, Homeschooling Mom, don’t you dare play down the super opportunities your kitchen affords. It may be huge or it may be humble – either way a daughter, a son can learn to accurately mix flour, salt, sugar, spices, eggs, etc. (I’m no cook) & then combine & cook ‘X’ time at ‘Y’ temperature. It’s a GREAT lab. Long live Home Schools – 1/25/23

“The carnal nature is the thing

that makes you sore when you get hurt.

– T M Anderson

Reminder. [B.] Jesus sends the dew on summer meadows or its counterpart, frost, on fall ones. The Triune God sends a smattering of raindrops or drops them closer together as He wishes. The Lord sends those sheets of summer rain (so fun to watch from an open barn door) as they “march” across valley fields. God is in charge of rains that cause floods & the lack of water which brings famine. Man has no control over it. Precipitation in whatever form, ALL comes from God.  *Never  *Forget  *It.  – 1/26/23 


Blessings in varied size

Large, medium, small

Short, so – so, tall,

As judged by my eyes.

But how does God see

The blessings He sends me

Perhaps they are not the same

But are quite inverted in His “frame”

And not only do I receive

Blessings “like you wouldn’t believe”

As long, longer, longest

And strong, stronger, strongest

But they come so often

Not just two (or few) a day

The list goes on and on

“List” did I just say?

I have not kept a list.

If I did what else would I get done?

But write and scribble and note

All the blessings which go down my throat

And the blessings I feel with hand & feet

And those I see on road & street

And those I hear (pleasing to the ear)

Yes, I ‘bout forgot my sense of smell.

Blessings come often;

I have a lot

– eab,  1/28/17 

MAN #2. Such a MAN was happy to build (in part or the whole) a shelter in which he & his family live. The “style” may not have satisfied some fastidious guy (who fancied he was a peer or even though himself superior) but it was what God allowed the MAN to own & material with which he could work. The location of said home or its size may also have not pleased lookers but this MAN had not built it for them & unlike some picky “friend” his humble home was debt free. He was a Man! (God give us more.) – 1/27/23 

Rom 13.8

“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another:

for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

“We cannot hope to escape the flood of evil which threatens to overwhelm the believers

today unless we are constantly refilled & re-invigorated by the Holy Spirit.” 

– T M Anderson

I know some Wealthy people (hope you do too). These friends are so Wealthy it matters not what a stock-market does (here or abroad). They have no concern about alleged “global warming” (now evolved to “climate change”). If it’s too dry or wet they’re not worried. Who are these Wealthy souls? Glad you asked! They’re all in the same family – God is their Father. He takes care of His Sons & Daughters & when they die, whisks them to join Him in Heaven. YOU also can become a child of God! – 1/28/23   

“God’s Word declares that a righteous person is like a tree. A tree lives

in two realms of nature; it lives in the earth & it lives above the earth.”

– T M Anderson

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