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1Co 10.31 +

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”

“Natural fear is a necessary accompaniment of our mundane existence

& is not cast out by perfect love.”

– Adam Clarke quoted by H A Baldwin

Millions of hours & billions of dollars have been wasted building big church buildings. Donors & workers thought they were doing “God’s will.” No, those stones stay on earth & even crumble. Only saved souls (not stones) go to heaven. Many musical scores have been written. Hundreds of soloists, choirs & orchestras have sounded in structures (as the above) but all that music stays on earth. Only saved souls (not sounds) go to heaven. God wants to live in our Hearts. God wants our hearts to sing His praise. – Jan. 2023

“…Carnal worry involves my integrity as a holy man;

it disconnects me from God by my doubtfulness & complaints.

– H A Baldwin

Allow me to urge you: 1.) Believe the KJV Bible.  2.) Believe little-to-nothing else without *scrutiny & *vigilance. Too strong? I doubt it. You need to practice “Buyer Beware” with Authors, Bankers, College profs, Dentists, Engineers, Foremen, Grocers, “Health professionals,” Insurance men, Journalists, Kings, Lawyers, MDs, Notaries, Officers, Queens, Realtors, Soldiers, Teachers, Undertakers, Vehicle salesmen, Wall-streeters, & 4 P’s: Pharmacists, Policemen, Politicians & Preachers. Don’t be fooled! – 1/31/23


Don’t measure a man by the length of his house,

Or its width, or height, or price.

Don’t gauge him by the flivver he drives,

No matter how cruddy old or how nice.

Don’t judge a man by the suit that he dons,

Or rich or poor food on his plate,

Nor by the “luck” he seems to have

Or that he has to endure bad “fate.”

In fact, it’s best to not judge him at all;

Like him for the good that you see.

Befriend him every time that you can,

Hold him equal, with you, and me.

If/when you see him a few years hence

His possessions may be more or less.

It’s the Man that counts. Now, & then.

Respect him, dear traveler – & God bless.      

– eab,  2/4/18 

YOU [A.] Allow no one to appear in your sight so rich you want to change places with him: not rich in money, rich in “looks,” nor personality. Don’t yield to temptations to BE someone else; Nor to imitate another guy or gal. God MADE you! Yes, He wants you redeemed from ALL sin. Yes, He wants you cleansed from the Adamic nature. Then, God wants to shine *thru* your richness (or poverty), thru your looks, thru your personality. Don’t deny your God-given Originality. Not. For. A. Moment! – 2/2/23

2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.

“There is not a more original lot of people on the face of the earth

than those who are entirely sanctified.” 

– H A Baldwin

We have many men who like to talk in the front of a church. They seem to enjoy walking back & forth expressing their “onzy, twozy, threezies.” Perhaps he loves the attention. Perhaps he likes the sound of his own voice. Perhaps he’s convinced his ideas are superb.  We have TOO FEW men who approach the sacred desk with God’s burden; knowing the message they have won’t set well with carnality, & that “Thus saith the Lord” is Not popular. “O God, give us more Godly men with holy backbones.” – 2/4/23

“Do not be discouraged [that] average men are all…

finding fault…keep your special peculiarity sanctified & go ahead…”

– H A Baldwin

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