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1Co 13.12 +

1Co 13.12

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:

now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

“The success…of the unarmed & defenceless apostles & primitive preachers

of Christianity is an incontrovertible proof that the gospel is a revelation of God.”

– Adam Clarke

OBIT. #2. You & I are currently writing our “life story.” The thing on which you spend “blood, sweat, & tears” may NOT be the thing for which you’ll be remembered. Some small act of kindness, some little gift of time (or twentie$), some prayer, may have changed someone’s life for ever & in Heaven’s Perfect Record far outweighed that in which you may have gloried. – 2/27/23  

“The works of Moses…have been a kind of textbook to almost every writer on geology, geography, chronology, astronomy, nature history, ethics, jurisprudence, poltical economy, theology, poetry & criticism.

– Adam Clarke

Seek & find the Filling of the Blessed Holy Ghost. Now. Life could get burdensome “overnight.” (Some Europeans, I understand, are paying 4 times what they once paid for cooking/heating gas, & 5 times what they did for electricity.) Even if we avoid such severe changes, I assure you, old age will “hand” you adjustments. Sanctified souls can better withstand the drastic valleys & hills of life AND will have the wonderful Spirit of Christ while facing uncertain tomorrows. Be Filled with the Spirit. – 2/28/23


Egypt waxed great, then it had its wane.

Assyria peaked, then took the same train.

Babylon once had its cool, cruel day.

The Medes & Persians also went away.

The Greeks came & the Greeks went

Rome’s still (incognito) behind the event

And mingles with “democratic” men

But will fall, to never, ever rise again.

Men’s plans bring about zero sums.

Hark, The Final Sovereignty soon comes!

(Be born into His Kingdom & hold fast.)

The increase of His government will ever last.

– eab,  3/2/18

Look at the supposed church. Is the “Prayer” from the heart or a cheap paper substitute? Are the songs Watts, Wesley & What’s-his-name or modern ditties, very shallow substitutes? The Bible – is it the CLASSIC of all Classic English Bibles or a paraphrase, a wannabe, a substitute? Is the sermon from God or from an online source for substitutes? Connected to these & most important of all, is what you “call”(& wish it were the Holy Ghost) a mere “look-a-like,” an imitation? – 3/1/23

2Co 11.26

“In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen,

in perils by the heathen…in perils among false brethren.

“He [God] cannot be seen by the eye but he may be perceived by the mind.

He is not palpable to the hand; but he may be felt by the soul.” 

– Adam Clarke

BOYFRIEND [A.] Dad/Mom, Keep lines open with daughters. [Use any of this you like without my name.]

1.) The boy who wants to date you – what kind of a job does he have? (He does have a job, doesn’t he?)

2.) How long has he worked there? He says he just quit a job? Ask him “Why?” (watch body language.)

3.) How long as he worked present job? How long did he work at the last place he worked?

Daughter may say, “I don’t want to drive him away.” Better he leave now as break her heart later. – 3/2/23 

“God is to human souls

what light is to the world.”

– Adam Clarke

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