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1Co 13.13 +

1Co 13.13

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three;

but the greatest of these is charity.”

…Christ[’s]…challenge was not to save ourselves but to lose ourselves

not understand Him but to have courage to follow Him.

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

QUESTION [A.] Have you lived long enough to question some things? I hope so. Have you thought deeply enough to realize there IS a time to question? Are you so anchored in the Bible that you see the possibility of questioning everything *but* the Word of God. “Easy, Bryan, you’re going a little deep.” Yes, for some, perhaps. satan “…deceiveth the whole world…”(Rev 12.9). Sadly, the devil has too many churches, companies, countries working with him. Ask questions – – – About almost everything. – 2/27/23   

Following Christ is a hard task.

It is a warfare.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD


The beggar had sores, he was sick

Hounds came his foul spots to lick

Then – the angels came by

Bore him up on high

Where gold replaces red street-brick. Luk 16.22

– eab,  3/3/05

Rich Man

There was a rich man who ate well

All his purple garments were swell

Then came his death day

Plush things all passed away

Poor man, he made his bed in hell. Luk 16.22

– eab,  3/3/05

BOYFRIEND [B.] (See [A.] above)  [Try to help your daughter see the need to know some of this.]

4.) Is he in debt? How much? For what?  >> These question aren’t for the 1st date or 2nd. J <<

5.) Does he know what kind of work his dad does? Does his mom work outside the home?

6.) How do he & his dad get along? He & his mom? Does he like his sister? Does he like his brother?

7.) Is he still living at home?  Why? Why not? [look under this rock.] – 3/2/23

I am sure that when Christ made doors & windows

in Nazareth they did not jam & misfit.’

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

AI = Artificial Intelligence? Maybe? If man created AI it has man’s touch. Man as a fallen creature (until he allows Jesus Christ to save him) can’t help but contaminate what he touches, everything he makes. How intelligent (the “I”) is it to have a man-made-brain think for you? – you’ll have to decide. The “A” (of AI) may actually stand for antichrist – rather than artificial. If AI is not of God, it can’t have but one root – satan; satan – – –  therefore antichrist. Beware, BEWARE. B.E.W.A.R.E. – 3/3/23

Rev 19.13

“And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood:

and his name is called The Word of God.”

A Bible-believing, Bible-preaching minister tends to have friends who believe & preach from, the CLASSIC English Bible (across 400 years & across English-speaking Christians). But by contrast – I add, SAD contrast – men who’ve swerved to lesser “bibles” (the plethora of these need not be named) tend to have friends who accept perversions of God’s Book. (Compromisers support compromisers!) If you, Friend, aren’t reading & studying the King James Bible you ARE cheating your soul. Come back. – 3/3/23  

Prayer is not to inform God of what He does not know;

it is an eye through which we see God.

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

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