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1Co 14.32-33a

1Co 14.32-33a

“…The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

“For God is not the author of confusion…”

“If he gives way to any known sin he loses this witness

& must come to God through Christ as he came at first…”

– Adam Clarke

The “falling away” of which Paul wrote (2Th 2.3) appears upon us. Men who pastor “holiness” people, or men elected to lead “holiness” groups, or men with other connections to so-called “holiness” schools, mission orgs, seem unable to recognize a “moving” of a seducing spirit – actually thinking it might be from God. Men – – – hie ye to a secret place of prayer. Seek TRUTH – you can know it, “…Ye shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free”(Joh 8.32). Your people deserve better. – 3/2/23  

“Neither apostle nor private Christian can subsist in the divine light

without frequent influences from on high.

– Adam Clarke

BOYFRIEND [C.] (See [A. & B.] above)     8. Did he pray for the meal or did he ask you to?

9. When he takes you out to eat does he order the same item time, after time? (could be hard to cook for?)

10. Did he salt his food BEFORE tasting it?  Or cover (this or that) with ketchup?

11. Does he clean up his plate? If not, listen to his reason for pushing back that plate (wasting food).

12. Does he know how to use his napkin?  His knife?  Did he thank & tip the waitress? – 3/2/23 

Lad’s Lunch

A lad left his home with a lunch;

He hadn’t the slightest hunch

That Jesus would break it,

That thousands would partake it.

They’d never had such a “brunch.” Joh 6.9

– eab,  3/3/05        

Toxic masculinity? Who invented that shady term? Have there been a few men who where bad dads? Yes. (More then women who were mean moms? – might be debatable.) Have there been many weak dads? Yes – perhaps a resounding YES. Don’t agree with this “word attack” on fatherhood. We need strong Christian dads. We need men who love God & love offspring enough to discipline them, when, & every time they need it. “God, please deliver us from unmanly guys who don’t mean what they say.” – 3/4/23  

Heb 12.9

“Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh

which corrected us & we gave them reverence…”

“…Who banishes, as much as possible, from his understanding & memory every useless,

foolish & dangerous thought…with every idea which has a tendency to defile his soul.” 

– Adam Clarke

This is a public “Thank You, Dear” to my sweet Wife for the decades she’s shampooed, combed & put up her Lady-Like hair. (The last time she cut her hair was when she was 16-17.) One of my least-liked chores is shampooing. I have a lot of hair for an 80 yr old but it is short. She has the long tresses yet faithfully keeps her hair presentable. THANK YOU. >> Note to other husbands – Have patience with the amount of time & money it takes your wife to maintain her God-given Glory. Amen? Amen! << – 3/4/23

“‘Love ye your enemies’…the most sublime precept ever delivered to man…a false religion

durst not give…witihout supernatural influence, it must be forever impracticable.”

– Adam Clarke

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