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1Co 14.40 +

1Co 14.40

“Let all things be done decently

 and in order.”

“Beware of contentions in religion…whatsoever does not lead

you to love God & man more is most assuredly from beneath.”

– Adam Clarke

QUESTION [B.] Question “music” – Fasten seat belts. “Solo”(soloist) is not in the Bible. Nor is duet (duets). Trio(trios)? No. Quartet(quartets)? Not those either. Choir(choirs)? No, again. The word “singer” is in the OT 2 vv, “singers” in OT 36 vv; both are missing in the NT. “Sang” is in Act 16.25. “Sing” (&song) in Rev 15.3. “Sung” in Rev 14.3. “Singing” (&song) in Col 3.16. As I read this, the singing was not UP FRONT but is nearer to what we call congregational. God is thereby praised! – 2/27/23 

“Is it not common for interested persons to rejoice in the success of an unjust & sanguinary war,

in the sackage & burning of cities?…if such christians can be saved, demons need not despair.

– Adam Clarke

BOYFRIEND [D.] (See [A., B. & C.] above)           13. Does he start (or end) the date with prayer?

14. Has he asked you to go to church with him? Or does he want to go *anyplace but God’s House?

15. Do you hear him praying during the congregational prayer times?

16. Does he sing the congregational songs? Does he testify in church? Put something in the offering?

17. Does he say “Amen”? Did he thank the pastor for his message? – 3/2/23


Prayer is a type of coming face to “Face”

With the Maker of the whole human race.

To meet in greatest, solemn privacy

The One whose lovely, lasting “Legacy”

He is sharing with us, by His grace.

– eab,  3/5/18

SISTER.  If death (or worse, divorce) is forcing you to raise a son alone you need help. 1.) Pray to be saved (if you aren’t) or pray to draw closer to God is you’re presently living above sin. 2.) Seek God’s leadership for a man (close family member or older friend) who can assist you. (Only God can – but He can – direct you as to who.) A grandpa, an uncle, an older cousin may be able to show your son how to read his Bible, how to work, to hunt/fish, how to become a man. You MUST have God’s leadership. – 3/4/23 

Ps 119.89

“For ever, O LORD,

thy word is settled in heaven.”

“…Meekness – That man walks most safely who has the least confidence in himself

…Pride ever sinks where humility swims…” 

– Adam Clarke

LESSER “bible.” You were in college when a prof pushed you away from the great King James. Or perhaps a pastor, misguided himself, used a modern wannabe “bible” & influenced you. As you look back you’ve had second thoughts. Sometimes you’ve even longed for the Comfort, the Classic beauty, the Cultural solidness of the great Authorized Text. But, frankly, you’re embarrassed to return to It. Please Bro. please Sis., don’t let PRIDE keep you from admitting your mistake. Again take up the True Word. – 3/6/23 

“This fitness…to appear before God & thorough preparation for eternal glory is what I plead for, pray for, & heartily recommend to all true believers under the name of Christian Perfection.”

– Adam Clarke

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