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1Co 15.19 +

1Co 15.19

“If in this life only we have hope in Christ,

we are of all men most miserable.”

“Were there no pride, there would be no sin; & the heart from which it is cast out

has the humility, meekness & gentleness of Christ implanted in its stead.”

– Adam Clarke

QUESTION [C.]  Those singing religious songs in “concerts” May endanger their own soul & May endanger the “church.” 1.) Being the center of attention for 1 song or a concert increases temptations to pride (perhaps more than commonly admitted.)  2.) Churches of “TV watchers” are used to hollywood/ disney definitions of “music” & hollywood/ disney levels of music “volume.” They like the entertainment of “smoke,” roving lights, display of colors. Such do NOT glorify God but fit with show biz. – 2/27/23  

“As there is no end to the merits of Christ incarnated & crucified…

[there are] no limits to the improvability of the human soul…

– Adam Clarke

I don’t want satan to have any more bartenders or gamblers but Friend – – – 1.) If you’re a backslidden evangelist,  2.) If you’re a once-hot – now cold, former minister,  3.) If you once heralded true holiness but now don’t, it’d be better for you to work directly for satan, as to be his agent disguised as a preacher. Hell is hot for the man who handles Scriptures deceitfully. Don’t become a bartender or gambler BUT do stop being hypocritical. Proclaim the Bible to be what It is – God’s Word. Come back. – 3/1/23 


Some glory in all they own: a truck, a plane, a boat,

A house on land, and one afloat,

Accounts in two, make that three, big banks

(In the upper percent of the town’s ranks)

Have beef cows, riding horses, and a goat.

A few souls are happy without earth’s gold

To say they’re rich might seem too bold.

They’re rich in what they don’t  NEED  to own.

They’re content to live within their money-zone.

Joy isn’t based on what you (& a bank L) hold.

– eab,  3/7/16

tattoo # 1. I hope there are none on you. If you have one I beg you – don’t get another. Cattlemen in the west branded their livestock. That brand – burnt through hair & into the flesh – marked Angus, Charolias, Herefords, Longhorns, as belonging to him. satan is branding you; he is proclaiming his ownership. Stop. You can be saved. You can renounce satan’s claim to you. Please ask Christ to forgive your sins today. God can forgive you tho you’re “branded.” FACT: no saint looks better with Ink! None! – 3/3/23   

Rev 14.7

“Saying with a loud voice, Fear God & give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come:

& worship him that made heaven & earth & the sea & the fountains of waters.”

“God is holy & this is the eternal reason

why all his people should be holy.” 

– Adam Clarke

Do you fear God? “No?” O, that is horrible & one of the dumbest things you ever did. “Yes?” Great! That is one of the smartest things you ever did. In fact, we’re told to “…Fear God & keep his commandments…” (Ecc 12.13). If you Fear God (not mere words, but your life reflects this) it is the easiest way to live. Why? Hear this – If you Fear God you don’t have to fear ANYTHING (or any one) else! Period. – 3/6/23

“It seems to be a principal concern with many to find out how little grace they may have

& yet escape hell; how little conformity to the will of God…& yet get to heaven.”

– Adam Clarke

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