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1Co 15.55 +

1Co 15.55

“O death, where is thy sting?

O grave, where is thy victory?”

“It’s an insult to the intelligence of young people to give them the impression you have to cheapen the Gospel to make it understandable. The medical schools do not simplify their phraseology to please this set. The legal profession hasn’t changed its terminology.

– Vance Havner

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me”(Joh 12.32). How can you; How can I LIFT UP Jesus Christ?  1.) Memorize more of His Words.  2.) Read & re-read His biography (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).  3.) Take the expression “What Would Jesus Do?” more seriously (when people see you & me acting like Jesus – He then is Lifted Up).  4.) Spend longer in communing with the Lord in the AM; spend longer thanking Him each PM for the sense of His leadership & protection. – 2023

They tell us now that Isaac Watts did not speak the idiom of today.

Well neither did Shakespeare but they’re still studying him.”

– Vance Havner


Miles and years separate us

From the place where He was born.

We wear clothing, different

Than He would have worn.

Customs and nations have seen

And had their change;

But Christ is eternal,

Not affected by time or range.

Yes, He’s the eternal Son of the living God.

Eternal, without a beginning, living of forever,

Without an ending, changeless One.

Yes, He’s the ever living, loving Son.

When you’re tired of contemporary,

And modern has grown old.

When society has failed to do

For you, as it had told.

When you realize a Man

Over thirty is not “gone.” [1]

Turn to Christ, Who was before the world,

And still lives on!

– eab,  March  1972

Dear Preacher Friend. When you go on a church platform, Kneel.  How to kneel: 1.) Don’t place one knee over the other. 2.) Don’t place an ankle over the opposite knee – looks to relaxed. this is God’s place, not a living room, or hotel lobby. 3.) Kneel sideways (not your backside facing the crowd. Don’t joke with others on the platform – It is a “God-spot.” Let your words be few (if any) until you are ready to speak GOD’S Words. Please, no jokes to start the sermon – Jesus told no “ice breakers.” Nor Paul, Peter etc. – 2023

The Shunammite woman didn’t say ‘I perceive that this is a famous man of God

or popular or brilliant or successful man of God.’  She said a ‘holy’ man of God.

– Vance Havner

DIVORCE. One of the main reasons I write of Divorce is the word that often follows is Remarriage. Too many say “Divorce & Re-marriage.” If what was a marriage has come to the sad end of divorce – Do not – DO NOT assume you can or should re-marry. If you first mate still lives, run from any idea of re-marriage. If – rightly or wrongly – you arrived at the idea that a divorce was the only “way out” (You feel like it was forced on you)  NO. ONE. IS. MAKING. YOU. GET. MARRIED. AGAIN!!! NO ONE. – 2023  

Mar 10.11

“And he saith unto them, ‘Whosoever shall put away his wife, & marry another,

committeth adultery against her.’”

Why should I MEMORIZE Scripture? If you have verses committed to memory you can recite them:

1.) Driving down the road with your eyes on the highway. 2.) In the middle of the night without turning on a light. 3.) When praying with someone (hospital, nursing home) even if you have no Bible. 4.) If God allowed you to go blind (or partially so) or have no access to your glasses. 5.) If, God forbid, a state took Bibles from homes or placed you in confinement without God’s Word. Memorize Verses. – 3/9/23    

I went a friend’s house last night & looked at TV. God convicted me with Psalm 119:37:

‘Turn away mine eye’s from beholding vanity.’

– Jim Elliott, quoted byVance Havner

[1] Hippies were saying not to trust anybody over thirty. Christ was thirty.

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