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2Co 4.10 +

2Co 4.10

“…We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive

the things done in his body, according to that he hath done whether it be good or bad.”

…Is it not reasonable to suppose that a Christian education should have no other end but

to teach youth how to think & judge & act and live according to the strictest laws of Christianity?

– Wm Law

UFO? [A.]  If you see a pic – remember it is just that, a picture. If some radio personality says they’ve see one – don’t forget “famous” people can lie. If a scientist says they’re real – remember, he is capable of lying, though he has that “sacred title,” scientist (sarcasm!). “But, my parents, pastor, my teachers believe in UFOs.” That does not mean they are what these people believe they are. Best thing for you to do is Fear God & let Him direct you. – – – whether or no a “UFO” lands in your yard. J – 3/6/23   

Never do anything to excel other people

but in order to please God…”

– Wm Law


I looked around at the sky tonight,

At the time just before the dark.

I looked to see the stars bright;

They always thrill my heart.

I looked but the sky was bare.

It seemed I looked in vain;

As if there were no stars up there,

At least none that were plain.

But then – What I “seeked,”

A pin-hole in the sky.

As if you had a bucket that leaked,

And were searching the reason why.

And then, close, another light appeared,

Couldn’t be far.

Two, to light the night;

The duty of a star.

There must be many more out;

Now, the sky must be ablaze.

As these silently “shout,”

His glory and His praise.                    

– eab,  March 1966

My Bible reading this AM included Exodus 15. This chapter has the words, “…Sing unto the LORD.” This place is the first time these four words are bumper-to-bumper. Fifteen more times “…Sing unto the LORD” occurs in Holy Writ. I hope you sing, whistle or hum unto the Lord around the house or driving your truck/tractor. I hope your Family Altar includes singing unto the Lord, even Dad, Mom, kiddos singing different parts. And may your House of Worship center its singing on the Lord’s Praise. – 3/9/23

The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.

– Wm Law

ACTING  [A.] The church should NEVER encourage acting. “Acting” is logically followed by “what.” Acting what? Acting like you are something else? Acting like you are some One else? Truthfully, I’ve not always seen this truth myself but do now – so I now warn about it. Acting is false. False “characters” are in some plays (they never existed). In other plays said “character” has been dead for yrs yet your audience “sees” him on stage – that’s false. Church is about TRUTH. Hollywood/disney are about falseness – 3/13/23

Act 5.3

“…Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost

& to keep back part of the price of the land?” >They were ACTING<

Too late to talk of “Goals for ‘23”? Maybe NOT.  Please Sir/Ma’am: 1.) Do NOT go further in debt. Don’t purchase ONE more article with that credit card. 2.) Sell (if possible – yes, even at a “loss”) any item on which you owe a lot of money; sell now before things get worse. 3.) Cut back on going out to eat (or go to less expensive places.) 4.) Plant that garden. If you have not space where you live, “borrow” a plot from a relative; that’s yard they won’t have to mow & you can share veggies with them. – 3/13/23

Never…allow yourselves to despise

those who do not follow your rules of life.

– Wm Law

[1] Saw a single star as I took the trash out of Lincoln School.

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