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2Co 5.17 +

2Co 5.17

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:

old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.”

If I hate or despise any one man in the world

I hate something that God cannot hate & despise that which he loves.

– Wm Law

PHONE. [A.] Did Alexander G Bell do us a favor by inventing the “wire that talks & listens”? Most people (me included) would say “yes.” He saved us miles of travel (both wearisome & expensive) to settle business. He connected a lonely young man with his equally lonely girlfriend. He allowed us to say “I’m sorry” or “Happy Birthday” more easily. For decades the telephone was our servant – waiting hanging on the wall or squatting on its own telephone-table *till needed. Note: “servant.” – 3/10/23 

…There is nothing that makes us love a man

as much as praying for him…”

– Wm Law


Old Daniel to the cats was sent

His enemies hoped he’d be rent.

God gave them “lockjaw”

And a “paralyzed” paw.

Medes – Persians “laws” were bent. Dan 6.22

– eab,  March  2005             


He did not let God prevail

Instead he paid fare to sail

Old salts tried to row

But finally must throw

The prophet to stop a wild gale. Jon 1.15

– eab,  March  2005             

ACTING  [B.]  Christian parents should NEVER encourage a son or daughter to act. Let me make that stronger; DECENT, honest parents shouldn’t push their child toward the stage. “But, Bryan actors/actresses make lots of money.” – Stop, Please stop there a moment. – Is it a goal of yours that your child have an abundance of $?  Seriously?  Haven’t you figured out that some of the most unhappy people are rich? “Rich” in dollars but poor in many other ways. Please DO NOT wish riches on your child. – 3/13/23

…It is as reasonable to suppose it is the desire of all Christians to arrive at Christian Perfection

as to suppose that all sick men desire to be restored to perfect health.

– Wm Law

REVIVAL [A.]  I have no first-hand knowledge but have the impression that some of the most effective religious meetings ever held in America were in the hands of God,  Charles Finney – – – AND Daniel Nash. God was paramount – Revival is impossible without His wonderful, Holy Presence. Finney (converted lawyer) did powerful, logical preaching but what did Nash do? He prayed. He held on in prayer (at times with other men). Preaching & intercessory prayer brought God on the scene. – 3/14/23 

Gen 2.8

“And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden;

& there he put the man whom he had formed.”

It’s time to plan (plant if you live far enough south) a garden. Need I remind you? It’s God-like to start a garden. God created the first garden – What. A. Place. It. Must. Have. Been. !!! What a God – what a Garden. Eden may have looked more like a “park” to us if we’d have seen it – a Park / Paradise. (Adam & Eve had no idea HOW good they had it.) I’d encourage you to be like God in more than one way but particularly to plan & plant veggies. There’s pleasure in both seeing them grow & in eating them. – 3/15/23

High eating & drinking, fine clothes & fine houses state & equipage

…do all of them naturally hurt & disorder our hearts…

– Wm Law

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