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2Co 10.12 +

2Co 10.12

“…They measuring themselves by themselves, &

comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

“Sadducees, liberals of the NT,

Pharisees legalistic ones of the NT.”

– Paul W Finch

OT/NT differences – Several OT characters (Job & Abraham to name only two) were wealthy. Christ – the main Being of the NT had nowhere to lay His head: He preached from a Borrowed boat, rode a Borrowed burro, & was buried in a Borrowed tomb. Peter & those 1st generation followers were not rich. Paul, Barnabas & others (on the 2nd tier, if you will) aren’t recorded as having great possessions. Possessions are a mark of God’s blessing in the OT. That mark is missing in the NT.  – February 2023

“As doors seem to open & then close all along the great ‘hallway’ of this existence in distracting & beckoning succession, only the ones that the nail-scared hand of Christ with His entering gesture will lead to both present grace & ultimate glory.”

– Paul Finch, Jr.

I worship the most magnificent MAKER of All. (I hope you worship God Almighty too.) And I admire men & women who are makers, i.e. they “create” something of value, something of lasting worth, something which benefits them &/or their fellowman. God made man in His image. One of the clear ways man is “like” the Lord is in making objects – similar to God making heaven & earth. What do you make which benefits your wife/husband, or your child, or neighbors about you? – 2/24/23


I love it that God’s Creator,

I love it that He’s Divine;

I love it that God is Eternal,

But best of all He’s Father, yes, mine.

– eab, 3/18/19

When you love someone it gives you pleasure to do something for them. This is also true for Christians pleasing God. If one is a sinner, does it make them happy to do what makes God unhappy? (It seems it may.) or [Perhaps this is a dividing line between the sinner/backslider & the apostate.] That displeasing God does not delight the sinner (he puts what he wants to do – or “can’t keep from doing” ahead of God is not thrilled thereby to hurt God whereas the apostate delights to make God angry. – 3/7/23

Mat 6.6

“…When thou prayest, enter into thy closet & when thou hast shut thy door

pray to thy Father which is in secret; & thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

“…We think we should insult both his holiness & His omniscience if we did not believe that he could both forsee & foretell that Judas would be unfaitful without necessitating him to be so.” 

– John Fletcher

Where is YOUR prayer closet? [You do have one, don’t you?] Is it comfortable? Too comfortable (you fall asleep praying)? Perhaps you should move your praying-place to where you cannot see x? Should you find a locality where the neighbor’s noise is unable to reach you? Move your place of Private devotion rather than have your devotion to Christ diluted. He is worth you FULL attention. As a last resort buy a pair of ear protectors to muffle out the world – so you can better hear from God. – 3/18/23 

“…Ardent love cannot

but be zealously obedient.”

– John Fletcher

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