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2Co 12.9 +

2Co 12.9 And he said unto me,

“…My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly…

will I… glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

“Mr Wesley I reverence as the greatest minister I know but

would not follow Him one step farther than he follows Christ.”

– John Fletcher

Dear female Friend.  Do I see that your hair has gotten shorter? Are you ill? Is your body not doing its normal duty of Growing Hair? Have you talked to a chiropractor about this abnormal condition? Have you searched online for a cause that you naturally long hair is now so short? Or, OR have you cut your hair? Surely not! Surely you’ve not followed worldly, female acquaintances in compromising the Glory God wants on your head! That is sad. Please, PLEASE GOD – not your ungodly “friends.” – 3/20/23     

“…The word Belial in the original

signifies ‘without yoke.’”

– John Fletcher

White magic? Never accept it. “Innocent” magic or sleight of hand? Run from such. “Magician” is in the Bible once (Dan 2.10) followed by a similar word “astrologer.” “Magicians” occurs in 14 verses, all associated with evil & some connected to words like “sorcerers” “enchantments” & “soothsayers.” Do not, careful Christian, agree to having puppets in your VBS or Sun.Sch. class. A ventriloquist should never visit your youth camp/church – it’s sleight of hand & it’s DECEPTION. Reject ALL magic! – 3/20/23  


There is coming a day when

               All we have known,

               All we have grown,

               All we have sown,

Will be instantly sealed in place.

By His mercy

               We shall rise,

               Through His receding skies, 

               Having said our last “good byes,”

To meet, the first time, our Savior face to face.


               This land of trials and tears,

               This realm of sorrows and fears,

               This time of gossip and sneers,

Will forever slip down – down, out, and away.

And forever

               We will be privileged to be,

               With Him “who died for me,”

               And His glory we shall see,

In His land of light, love, and endless day!

– eab,  3/19/08

Earth is bigger than the pseudo-scientist boys want you to believe. (Too often they *act like they know.) Nor are the heavens are not as big as they say (they imagine a limitless “universe,” word not used until 1580s). Such diverse people as David, Israel’s most famous king, Isaiah & Daniel, two of the best OT prophets, & the Lord, Himself spoke of heaven having an “end.” It is very easy for me to take Scripture over the tired little theories of so-called “scientists” with heathen or cult-like connections. – 3/20/23

Heb 12.14

“Follow peace with all men & holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord:”

“You can as soon meet with a man that never felt the wind or heard the sound thereof, as with one

that never felt the Divine breathing or heard the still small voice which we call the grace of God.” 

– John Fletcher

It’s the “holiness” school (pre-college, collegiate, post-college) that does NOT stress sanctification,   

It’s the “holiness” missionary organization which places NO emphasis on the holy i.e. the sanctified life,

It’s the “holiness” church in which pastor (NOR visiting evangelist) preaches often about the pure heart; which causes Jesus Christ sorrow & should take us to our knees. We need a HOLY awakening! – 3/20/23  

“…He works daily as a Prophet to enlighten you, as a Priest to make intercession for you, as a King to subdue your enemies, as a Redeemer to deliver you…& as a Savior to help you work out your own salvation…”

– John Fletcher

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