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Gal 2.20 +

Gal 2.20

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me & the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me & gave himself for me.”

“It [Christian perfection] is improvable …one perfected in love

may grow far swifter in grace than he did before.”

– John Wesley, quoted by R S Foster

Are you disciplined? Yes, I understand from time to time you allow yourself to step aside from a diet, a routine of discipline (as long as such “recess” doesn’t involve sin). I hope you have a measure of discipline. Can one have too much discipline? The answer is Yes. Doing things on time, every time can become a kind of “god.” You can PRIDE yourself in all your Do’s & Don’ts. Use discipline to be a better Christian but never allow yourself to worship “YOU” because you’re sooo disciplined. – 3/21/23

“In order that this soul may be holy…the willing & perfect servant…more is necessary than pardon; it must be cured of its abnormal condition…this is what is meant by regeneration.”

– R S Foster

“Go Green” “Going Green” – – –  cute sayings? Not to me though I recognize the alliteration. Cultists & those out to change the culture (Noticed the words “cult” & “culture” look related?) have been somewhat known for “hiding things in plane sight.” Is that what they’ve done with “Green”? The changes to supposedly “save the planet” have made some people (those pushing it) a lot of “greenbacks” i.e. a lot of money (AIU) (= As I Understand). It is Green for them. satan is the father of lies. – 3/21/23


Jesus wept – showing He had a heart.

Jesus slept on the boat, pillow a part.

Jesus kept His disciples from a watery grave.

Jesus leapt from tomb; He wasn’t death’s slave.

– eab,  March 2016

Suicide is SIN. If murder is sin (Who in their right mind says it is not?) it follows that Self-murder is sin. Happily the murderer can (if he will) repent & go to heaven. (Sadly the one he killed can’t – why murder is SOOooo wicked.) When one kills himself he is BOTH the murderer & the one murdered. Unlike the normal killer (who lives & therefore can repent) the suicide does not live – therefore he can’t repent. Do not become “soft” on suicide – it is sin!!!. satan lies about suicide. Come to the Lord. – 3/22/23

Exo 20.13

“Thou shalt not kill.”

“Have you  remembered how easy it is to construe

a mere infirmity of judgment or indiscretion of manner.” 

– R S Foster

ONCE SAVED-Always Saved is not Biblical. Not only however is it devilish, it has no parallel on earth. See list: 1.)Once young-Always young,  2.)Once a good student-Always a good student,  3.)Once pretty/handsome-Always pretty/handsome, 4.)Once athletic-Always athletic,  5.)Once married-Always married,  6.)Once employed-Always employed,  7.)Once well-Always well,  8.)Once rich-Always rich,  9.)Once a traveler-Always a traveler, 10.)Once alive-Always alive. There are NO parallels! – 3/22/23

“The blade differs from the full corn in the ear. It is the precursor of the corn, has identical

life in it which the corn has & the corn cannot be without it; but it is not the corn.”

– R S Foster

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