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Gal 6.7 +

Gal 6.7

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked:

for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Take away the Bible & our warfare with oppression & infidelity & intemperance & impurity & crime is at an end: our weapons are wrested away–out foundation is removed–we have no authority to speak & no courage to act.”

– Wm Lloyd Garrison, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

When a man has left the narrow way: 1.) He used to pastor a holiness church – now runs the program at a “community church,” 2.) He once taught at a holiness school – now is employed by a *lefty “holiness” or evangelical place, 3.) He was a holiness, foreign soil evangelist – now works ecumenically with “other christians” (with no emphasis on Living Holy) you should stop backing him. No more money, no more quoting his “sayings” nor speaking in your church, camp, youth camp. No exceptions – 3/21/23 

It is claimed that Geo. Muller…

read the Bible through more than 155 times…”

– Gilchrist Lawson

Greatest Builder vs. G C

Men will trust a fellow-man

To build a “dream home” to his plan;

So wide, so long, made of such;

Provided “turn key,” for $o much.

They discuss; then walk away

To return some pleasant, future day

Fully expecting their house to be

Created. Completed; specifically!

Oh, how much more to trust the Son

Who’s gone away to prepare us one.

One. Fine. Home. Beyond that star

It’ll exceed expectations, very far

Unlike a mortal builder, a “G. C.”

Christ will add details up to the “T.”

Personal tastes? He knows how to please

Sparing nothing – and – done without fee$.

Enjoy your home here with your kin,

But live so clean and holy within,

That you’ll be able soon to own

A mansion by the Greatest Builder ever known.

– eab,  3/27/17

HEADS UP  I do NOT name names on fb. 1.) I don’t want to hurt people (I DO pray for them by name). 2.) If I did name (I refuse to) they might not read it. Or 3.) Some one might step to their defense & cause problems. Or 4.) Another person may be guilty of the same sin but slide by – since *they weren’t named. For example: I might write of an *unnamed woman cutting her hair BUT God knows A.) Who else’s cutting on the sly or B.) Who wants but doesn’t – a Sin in God’s sight – He sees ALL carnality. – 3/23/23

“There are no songs to be compared to the songs of Zion, no orations equal to those of the Prophets & no politics equal to those the Scripture can teach…”

– John Milton, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

NO “JESUS” PICTURE. The Holy Bible has no pencil or ink picture of Christ. NONE. This is on purpose. Companies who’ve printed Bibles with supposed “pictures” of Jesus should be utterly ashamed. Picture the Sea of Galilee. Show the shore of the Dead Sea. Have a shot of present day Jerusalem if you like. We KNOW how these look. If you want other un-questionable geographical scenes, proceed. Please produce no more so-called “pictures” of our Lord. They simply are NOT TRUE: They are FAKE. – 3/26/23

Exo 20.4

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing

that is in heaven above or…earth…or…in the water…”

Some try to show WHO they are by the vehicle they drive.  Others by the “chick” they date/marry.

Some attempt to reveal who they are by their house(s). Others by their “shining” terminal degree.

Some like the show WHO they are by where all they travel (&, perhaps, by how they arrive there).

Some will flash dollars to show wealth. Others throw big parties or fund big buildings as proof.

Thank God for those who don’t want you impressed by them — they want you following HIM! – 3/27/23

“…In the reign of Henry VIII an honest farmer

once gave a cart load of hay for one leaf of St. James Epistle in English…”

– Gilchrist Lawson

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