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Epj 2.9-10a +

Eph 2.9-10a

“Not of works, lest any man should boast.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus…”

“There is no fully life

than the life given fully to God.”

– G R French

Sequence: A date (place any month, day, year here you like) was not special.

Then Date suddenly became *unbelievably special – XYZ was born.

That Date remained special to him/her as long as he/she lived.

That Date retained its significance as long as a daughter or son of his, of her, lived.

Then Date slipped (almost) away for grandchildren, except as they may visit a family reunion.

SOON date (month, day, year you like) is no longer special – it’s RE-swallowed up in time. – 3/27/23

“We get in trouble when we do not take the Bible

[for] what it says.”

– G R French

HOME. [B.] Have strong locks (double locks?) on doors & all windows locked. If old windows with no (or poor) locks, drill a small hole in the wood where upper sash overlaps lower sash & put 8 penny nail in hole on both sides. Have curtain or blinds pulled at night (or when gone, or on side near a street) so no one can see what’s valuable; they may want to steal “out of sight/out of mind.” If you have shrub under windows make it very prickly so robbers will NOT want to hide in it. Think safety. – 3/28/23


An empty Womb means we’ve been born on earth.

An empty Tomb means we can have The New Birth.

Oh – How  *special* – how spiritually nice,

To be, in His Spirit Born. Here. Twice.

– eab,  3/30/19 

Someone presents a “new concept” (in person, social media, etc) & you find yourself “somewhat automatically” rejecting it. This is a good time to stop & ask yourself why. Why did I almost immediately throw up a defense? Did I base my opposition of it on the Bible? Do I have a true Biblical view or am I seeing God’s Book through glasses darkly shaded by “doctrinal” issues? Am I that closed to Light from Scripture? Or, did I reject said idea because of Who presented it? Eh? – 3/30/23

Joh 5.39

“Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:

& they are they which testify of me.”

“A Christian is not the kind if optimist

 who over looks reality.” 

– G R French

NOT RITE. As evangelicalism cools, as “holiness” churches move toward lukewarm-ness, there’s a tendency to use rituals & rites. (Spirituality is replaced by formality.) I hope this post interest’s you. Neither “ritual” nor “rituals” are in the Bible. The word “rite” is missing & “rites” is found once – back in the OT (Num 9.3). “Ceremony” is missing. “Ceremonies” is likewise found once – in that same Numbers spot. Our era (NT) has none of these. Hark!!! We aren’t OT followers; we’re NT Christians! – 3/30/23

“Success is the progressive fulfillment

 of the will of God for your life.”

– G R French

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