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Eph 3.20 +

Eph 3.20

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above

all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

Men judge the worker by the work;

God judges the work by the worker.”

– Martin Luther, ThD

HOME. [C.] Do not brag to neighbors about your BRAND NEW this (or that). They may tell someone else who may have evil designs. Don’t place your name on driveway of mail box; a number for mail service is sufficient. Don’t “hide” a door key under the floor mat. If you’re a man carry an extra house key (& car key) in wallet or change purse. If a woman, hide extra in bottom of purse or in car. Place locks on outbuildings if it makes you feel better. Make sure basement entrance is always secure. – 3/28/23

To do so no more

is the truest repentance.”

– Martin Luther, ThD


You could have met God when

You were a lass or a lad

At home with pious, quiet mom

A louder, saintly, old dad.

But you refused.

You could have met God at

That christian day/boarding school

But the “in crowd” upper classmen

Or peers might have called you a fool

And you refused.

You could have met God through

Your mate’s dad or mother

They loved the Lord & prayed

Like saints – like few other

Sadly you refused.

You could have met God

Through the neighbor to the right

They invited you to the meeting

You knew they prayed every night.

No, you refused.

You could…but age creeks in your bones

Friend, your day is now past

Now sight lessens, hearing fades

Death comes sure & fast

You go to meet God whom you refused.

– eab,  3/31/20 

NOT RITE. (con’t.) What is the appeal of ceremony/rite/ritual? They (post OT) tend to be man-made. Man decides the What, the Where, the When, & (perhaps to a lesser extent) the Who & Why of rituals. It may sound wonderful to you that 100s of churches across the land are doing EXACTLY as you are on a Lord’s Day. It (IMO) also sounds OK with satan. It’s Lock-Step. satan is not creative – he’s a sad loser. Flee formality. Come (or come back) to the Holy Ghosts  o.r.i.g.i.n.a.l.i.t.y. ! – 3/30/23 

“…The devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting & destroying

he doth it under color of correcting & building up.”

– Martin Luther, ThD

You & I will stay close to God or we’ll be fooled by the devil – lured away. Unless we’re vigilant, we’ll replace “the holy” with “the legitimate” (“there’s nothing wrong with x”). It doesn’t end there. Soon satan will be suggesting you replace “the legitimate” with what is clearly “questionable.” But since you made the first step down from holy it’ll be easier to make the next step down, down & away. The devil may make it seem logical, even rational. STOP! Stay with what you *know is HOLY. – 3/31/23    

Tit 2.5

[wives] To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good,

obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

Children play. You don’t have to teach them – they naturally imitate. If a lass sees her mom making things “from scratch,” she (outdoors) will combine dirt with sand with grass (or some such L) & will “serve it” to her doll baby. If a lad observes his dad using hammer & nails to make something he’s likely to use his toy hammer (you did buy him one didn’t you?) to make “x.” Sadly if mom/dad aren’t making objects, the child may imitate what he/she has just seen on TV – “music” or violence. HARK. – 4/1/23

“No man hath so grievously fallen at any time, but he may rise again.

And on the other side, no man taketh so fast footng but he man fall.”

– Martin Luther, ThD

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